Thursday, August 25, 2016

Duluth, Colorado, Asheville,Chicago, Duluth, or...

How I spent my Summer vacation!

Whew! With resigning from my 22+ year teaching job, to spending lots of weekends in Duluth, to meeting up with Master Choi in Chicago, it has been a crazy Summer!

I drove out to Colorado to spend some time with my teacher and brother, Rob Jones. We went to the Denver Irish Festival, which was huge, and we spent time hiking and practicing martial arts.

A weekend visit to the Monkey King, my friend, teacher, and brother Master Paul Gallagher, was a well needed break from some trying and stressful time this Summer. So many insights and wonderful stories!

As you may or may not know, I left my job at Twin Cities Tai-Chi Chuan Studio. I planned to take a break from teaching, to coordinate with my break at Carleton College, when a beautiful space opened up, and I took it! 2000 square feet of amazing wood floor, high ceilings, and open room, with southern windows, begs for a round or two! I will open for classes September 19th.

Lots of great hikes, walks, meals, and workouts on the North Shore. Watching the sun rise and doing Tai-Chi at Enger Tower was magical. Hiking parts of the Superior Hiking Trail has been a treat, and a great tip about Oberg Mountain was an amazing find.

One of the highlights of this Summer was meeting Master Choi at his home outside of Chicago. Seeing his basement training hall, discussing so many subjects related to health and martial arts, and a buffet that was the biggest, most diverse Asian cuisine, was three and a half hours well spent. Master Choi looked about 50 years old and he had incredible energy! We made tentative plans for a Spring seminar at my new space. I'll keep you posted!!


And the Summer is not over yet!

My new space!

Beginning September 19th, I will be conducting group classes in my new space! Located in the Seward neighborhood, in the Ivy Arts Building, I have a beautiful 2000 square foot Tai-Chi emporium!!!

 I will be holding a grand opening demo and celebration September 18 in the new space. More info about class times and events to follow. Stay tuned!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

When one door closes...

As I taught my last classes at Twin Cities Tai-Chi Chuan Studio, amid a week of deep emotions, insights, and gratitude, I had a tip on a great space. I went early one morning and met the landlord, and lo and behold, I have a new space to continue my teachings and classes!

Beginning September 19th, I will hold classes in my new space. As I am on retreat right now, I will fill in details soon, as well as send e-mails to those who asked for updates and info.  Stay tuned!

If you were my student from TCTCCS, I am offering the last two weeks of September's classes at no charge to you. I will be posting my new schedule soon. Thank you all for your support and patience through these exciting times of change and reflection.