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MMTCA July Newsletter 2024


“Every person has a legacy. You may not know what your impact is, and it may not be something that you can write on your tombstone, but every person has an impact on this world.”

- Dara Horn

A glorious, albeit wet, July for outdoor practice. As long as it’s not cold, or too hard, practice in the rain. Be careful of slippery surfaces, that’s where empty stepping comes in, and take the jumps out of the weapons. Try it! Practicing in a light rain is magical and something you won’t forget.

 Our schedule stays the same, we are at East River Flats and the Church for July. For next month, Xingyi students have to think about this, do you want to learn Xingyi Spear or Xingyi Kwando? You don’t have to have a spear or Kwando; you can use a six-foot staff for now.

This is becoming a summer of books! The BP Chan book, which I contributed to, is out. The 40th Anniversary book is shaping up. And my Pushing Hands book is getting edited and some parts re written to become my legacy book, and so much more.

We are having a one day and one night camping retreat on September7/8. You don’t have to camp overnight; you can join us for the day Sunday. We have the group site and can accommodate 25 people! There is no fee, just that we split the cost of the site. Here is the itinerary:

Saturday Night- A talk on the five major styles of Taiji.

A look at our current lineage chart. (see below)

Taiji stories around the campfire.

Sunday -Morning practice, long, luxurious, glorious!

Updates and refinements on the 150 Long Form.


St. Croix State Park 

30065 St Croix Park Road 

Hinckley, MN  55037 


The park is located 15 miles east of Hinckley on State Highway 48, then 5 miles south on County Road 22. 

Group Camp - Site GC8
Stay: Sat 09/07/2024 - Sun 09/08/2024 (1 night)


Additional Info : 

  • All vehicles entering a state park must properly display a valid Minnesota State Park vehicle permit. Permits may be purchased at the park. 
  • Modern restroom and shower facilities are not provided for this group camp, vault toilets and drinking water are available. 
  • Up to 25 people may occupy this group camp. 
  • Check-in is 4:00pm, but may be available earlier. Check-out is 4:00pm. 
  • Consumption of intoxicating beverages in state parks is prohibited. 

I would like an RSVP by August 15th. Whether you are coming and camping, or just attending Sunday. Thank you Mark and Margo for putting this together.

“If you remember your lineage, you will never feel lonely.”

-Philip Glass



Speaking of retreats, I taught at Twin Willows retreat last month, at the Pine Brook camp/retreat site in the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania. We had three days and nights of classes, presentations, videos, and fellowship! The venue is reserved for next year and we’ll have another retreat at the same place. I’ll give you more details in December, mark it on your calendar!

I’m fussy and particular about martial arts magazines and publications. I want to read about subjects and history that directly affects my training and understanding. For me, the standard is the Pa Kua Chang Journals. There was not an issue where I didn’t get some useful training tip, or another piece in the history puzzle, or saw a photo of some long ago master. I’m now cautiously optimistic about a new publication by Bradford Tyrey, Journal of Traditional Chinese Boxing and Taiji, old masters and their methods. I’ve read the first two editions, and they look really good. Check them out!



Brennan Translation, possibly the first or oldest book on Taiji.


Thank you to all who contributed to the 40th Anniversary book. I’ve seen most of it and it looks amazing! I’m planning a release and signing party a soon as it’s ready, stay tuned.

-Sifu Ray


“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.”

- W. Somerset Maugham

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

MMTCA Newsletter, June 2024


Joanne Von Blon 1924-2024

'(Joanne) Von Blon approached her own aging with a similar wit. "They used to say that if you did tai chi you'd live forever," she'd often say. "What was I thinking?" '

It is with profound gratitude and appreciation, the loss hasn't settled in yet, that I inform you of the passing of Joanne Von Blon. Joanne was one of my first students when I moved to Minnesota. She studied privately and in group classes and learned the complete Yang Style Taiji system. Joanne was my first disciple and a staunch supporter of me and my art. She and her husband Phil converted our school to a non-profit organization and her foundation supported us for many years. I talked to her on her 100th birthday this past March and congratulated her on reaching the highest level of immortality! Julie Cisler kept in close contact with Joanne all these years and was instrumental in scheduling visits and keeping her in the loop with all things Taiji.


Classes are moving outside! Thursday night and Saturday morning will be at East River Flats Park. Tuesday will be at St Sahag. The church will be our rain and bad weather option. Wednesday zoom will continue through the Summer, and the monthly Pushing Hands and Check In will take a break for July, and August.


The zoom portion of the Thursday Hybrid class is now on break until Fall.


Because we are practicing next to the Mississippi River, I’d like to suggest a book, Siddartha by Herman Hesse.


Speaking of books, a book about my first Xingyi and Bagua teacher, Master BP Chan is out. I made a small contribution. Pre order here.


And another book suggestion= Learning Tai Ch Chuan by Tung Kai Ying


Mark your calendar, we have Sept 7th reserved for a Taiji camping retreat! We have the group site reserved and can accommodate 30 people! I’m planning some practices and events. You can camp Saturday night, or just come for the day Sunday. More info next month. This is part of my 40th anniversary celebration.

Speaking of 40th, the anniversary book could be out as soon as July! I’ll definitely let you know! And my pushing hands book by the end of Summer...

Check out this amazing photo of Professor Zheng Manqing and his pushing hands teacher, Master Zhang Qinlin! Zhang is front row, center, and Zheng is behind his left shoulder, no whiskers!


Paul Brennan translation-


Reminiscing about how much Joanne loved to teach and share Taiji, I’m humbled by her love and commitment to the ar,t and all of you. Rest in peace, Joanne, but do a round or two…

Sifu Ray


“It is impossible to recognize a wrong way without knowing the right way.”

-G.I. Gurdjieff


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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Roll Back: Half the Mastery of Pushing Hands


Roll-Back: Half the Mastery of Pushing-Hands


“It is my opinion that when one has mastered the techniques of Roll-Back/ Lu and Receiving Energy/Chieh-Chin, one has already acquired the art of Tai-Chi and reached the highest level.”

-Master T.T. Liang


Meaning of the character “Lu:”

 roll back, pull back, roll away, in and away.


1.       Mechanics

A.      Height

B.      Box

C.       Vertical Arm

D.      Shift and Turn

E.       Open/Closed Sides

F.       Elbow to Elbow (Earth)

G.      Single Weighting


2.       Control

A.      The Secret

B.      The Spear


3.       Ward-Off and Rooting

A.      Save/help yourself.

B.      T’i-Fang, Fall Up and Push Over


4.       Five Options for a Push

A.      Roll-Back

B.      Split

C.       Withdraw and Push

D.      Upward Ward-Off

E.       Brush Knee

F.       “Unyielding”


5.       Ta-Lu equals “Big Roll-Back”

A.      Yang and Wang

B.      Cheng’s Ta-lu


6.       Interpreting Energy (Tung-Chin)

A.      Slow and Fast

B.      Long and Short

C.       High and Low

D.      Real and Fake

E.       Internal and External


7.       After Roll-Back

A. Yield Means Attack

B. Prof Cheng’s Four Options

C. Na or Seize

D.  Research what follows.



8.       Theories and Principles

A.      In and Away

B.      Open the Door, let the Robber in.

C.       Chapter 11 Tao Te Ching

D.      4 Ounces to deflect 1000 Pounds.

E.       Early and Late, to know before the action.

F.       Roll-Back and Split, one quarter of Tai-Chi technique devoted to defense.


9.       Bonus!

A.      Chan/Choi Hsing-Yi lesson