Wednesday, May 10, 2017

MMTCA May Newsletter 2017

“I'm not special. I'm patient.”
-Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi

What a glorious month so far! Spring has sprung and you can hear the leaves unfolding!

Thank you to all who made Master Choi's seminar and visit a huge success. He said it was the best seminar he ever taught, and he wants to come back in the Fall. As soon as Spring term is over at Carleton, I'll write a detailed blog for those who missed it. A big thank you to Jane and Fred who helped in so many ways, from getting the school ready to hosting lunches. Namaste!

May's schedule is the same, except we will be closed on Monday May 29th for Memorial Day. I have an exciting and fun Summer schedule that will be begin in June, and I'm making the prerequisite for any advanced Tai-Chi class completion of the 1st Section, which will allow greater access to this amazing art.

World Tai-Chi Day last month was fun with guests visiting from our satellite classes. With Margo as Scribe, we had theory, principles, and practice. A good time was had by all and we joined in the world wide celebration.

Tai-Chi North Retreat and Celebration, July 29th and 30th in Duluth and beyond. I'll publish the itinerary next month.

Grad News-

Tai-Chi 2nd Section= Franklin Dongmo

Hsing-Yi 5 Element Linking Form= Fred Sparks, Peter Kreye


Book suggestion: The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery

I finished the 10 week course of the Wim Hof Method and am pursuing the advanced training and certification. Ask me about breathing, and the cold...

Thank you so much for your appreciation, respect, and interest given to my teacher, Master Choi. He was truly moved and inspired.


“One of the gifts of power is to know power.”
-Ursula K. LeGuin

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

April MMTCA Newsletter 2017

April MMTCA Newsletter 2017

“Explore life, without fear. That is greatness.”
-Wim Hof

March showers bring April flowers! What an amazing March, in spite of those nasty bugs going around!

Our current and updated schedule is available. No new classes, just a few tweaks to some class times. I do have new classes planned for June and will keep you posted.

Our one day in house retreat was a wonderful day for an inward journey. 37 people gathered for breath work, gem studies, shoulder girdle and scapula analysis, lunch catered from Dragon City, and movies featuring Master Liang and others. We capped it off with a nice slow round of the solo form. Lovely!! My sincere thanks and gratitude to Mary Jo Feely for the class on the Chakra and corresponding gems and stones, Jane Shockley for her introduction to the function and anatomy of the shoulder and direct applications for the arm movements for standing and solo form, and Dan Polsfuss for taking us on a stroll back in time to see the “Old Man” himself!

Here is contact info for Mary Jo;

Grad News;

1st section-

Franklin Dongmo
Dave Kielkof
Jeannie Li

2nd section-

Di Goodwin
Sean Hehir
Ann Reilly
Idris Sallahudin

Prof Cheng's Short Form (Northfield)-

Lori Folland

Hsing-Yi 8 Styles/ Bat Sik Choi-

Anthony Van Wagner
Paul Verrette
Dave Kielkof
Steve Peterson
Paul Magee
Bruce Rubbelke
Bryan Steenerson
Matt Barrett
Jason Aanenson


Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi Weekend Seminars April 22 & 23.

A weekend with Master Choi! Come and experience the teaching, humor, power, insights, and mastery of my Sifu! Sign up at the Academy.

-Saturday 9-11 Hsing-Yi (you must know these forms and practises to join)
Corrections, applications, and training tips for the Five Fists, the Five Element Linking Form (Um Hang Lin Wan Kuen), and Kwan Do applications.
-Saturday 1-3 Introduction to the Main Form of Liu Ho Pa Fa (new students welcome!)
Come and begin the study of the Main Form, an amazing catalogue of technique, movement, and posture, with the current Grandmaster of Six Harmony Eight Methods style!

Saturday Night Banquet with Master Choi. ( red envelopes and birthday presents appreciated!)

-Sunday 9-11 Pa-Kua (you must know these forms and practices to join)
Corrections, applications, and training tips for the first two palms from the 64 Mother Palms Form.
( Original Form )
-Sunday 1-3 Tai-Chi Pushing-Hands (new students welcome!)
Master Choi will be teaching his three methods, which he calls "chase-hands." This will be an excellent introduction to two person sensitivity from the hands of an expert!
Academy Members: 30 dollars a session, or all 4 for 100 dollars.
Non Members: 50 dollars a session, or all 4 for 175 dollars.
I have two hours of private time available. Talk to me if you are interested.

Book Suggestion: The Way of the Iceman by Wim Hof and Koen DeJong

World Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong Day is April 29th. We will suspend the 12:30 Tai-Chi class, and have a get together for practice of all things Tai-Chi related! All levels and styles are welcome to this acknowledgment of the world-wide presence and practice of our art!

It is truly a pleasure and honor to share Tai-Chi and related arts and sciences of nourishing life with you. I am excited to share my teacher with you later in the month!

Happy Spring,

“You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you do yourself.”

-Beryl Markham



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