Monday, October 28, 2019

MMTCA Novembar Newsletter 2019

"Civilization is organized kindness,”
-Bill Foege

Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of treats!

Last month I traveled to Delaware to conduct a retreat at Rehoboth Beach. We covered 8 Brocades, Fast Form, Wu-Dang Wu-Li Sword, Pushing-Hands Etudes, Karambit, and lots of history. We are planning to do it again next year, I'll keep you posted.

We will have day classes Wednesday, Nov 27th, but no evening class on Thanksgiving Eve. Classes will resume Saturday, Nov 30th (St Andrew's Day!)

Beginning Saturday, Nov 2nd, the 900AM Pushing-Hands class will be open to men and women, beginner and advanced.

Book Suggestion: This month it's not a book, but a periodical. The Pa-Kua Chang Journal was the most informative newsletter I have ever read. It covered Pa-Kua and its history, techniques, lineages, and covered many aspects of Chinese culture and martial arts.

To find my books, go to both, and Amazon. If you have bought any of my books, please write a review. It doesn't have to be long!

Two financial items for you. One, if you take time off, or plan to miss a month, please consider a partial or full payment. The rent on the Academy is monthly based. Help me insure a big, beautiful place to take class! Also, consider direct deposit. You can make a direct deposit of your tuition into the Academy account. If you are interested, I can give you more information.

Grad News:

Solo Form-

Michael Newman
Jason MacGrath


Spencer Chandler
Jeannie Li
Robert Wozniak

Hsing-Yi 5 Element Linking Form-

Margo Bock
Julie Cisler
Wanda Koehler
Paul Ittner
Tony Lanners
Kieran Morris
John Feely

I have been so behind on publishing all your amazing progress and milestones. If I missed any grads please forgive me, it's not your fault!

I am planning to spend Thanksgiving with the #1 Big Brother, Master Paul Gallagher. I will bring your greetings and best wishes with me. Classes will run as usual in my absence.

I am truly grateful for all your enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work. may you reap every single benefit of these amazing arts and sciences. Namaste!


 “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”