Thursday, January 28, 2016

The passing of my Teacher Joe Lang

 I woke up to news of the passing of my mentor, teacher, guide, friend, and brother Joe Lang. Hard to write with these tears, so I will give a fuller post later. But for now, this poem Joe recited to myself and our brother Todd J as we sat at the green man stone in Rosslyn Glen, in the shadow of the castle and chapel, with the Esk singing to us. When Joe finished, we all had tears in our eyes....

In Rosslyn's Glen

When the licht i' the lift gauns aa stottery,
Braw Rosslyn's Glen wad be nae-mair.
Then aa the warld wad quit its rotary an aa wad dee.
Then aa thing wad be turned tae stoor
And time wad birl into its langest hoor,
Ner wad we sit in yon flowery-bower again,
                                              in Rosslyn's Glen.

The Esk wad gie ower its sweet churmurmin'
And cannie-nannies stop their burmerin'
Then stoot castle waa's wad aa be tummilin'
Oot ower the kingfisher's nest.

Then hind and stag was freeze intil bleck bleck naethin'
Braw leaves on trees wad never be.
Then I wad greet ayont eternity,
                                                For Rosslyn's Glen

-Joseph Lang

Joe always asked, "Do you know what a cannie-nanie is? What is burmurin?"  He would laugh and say cannie-nannie is an old Scottish term for a bumble bee and burmurin was buzzing!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two Authors from Colorado

I spent my holidays in the mountains of Colorado, mostly in the Pike National Forest. Amazing friends, great food, breathtaking scenery, and snow and cold gave me a much needed break.

While there, I stayed with one of my favorite Masonic authors, and visited one of my favorite Templar authors. My cup, and journal, runneth over!

I stayed with Rob and Rita Jones. They opened their home to me and basically, I moved in. You know when people say make yourself at home? Or that you are family? Rob and Rita walk the walk and talk the talk! Rita is an amazing cook, animal lover, story-teller, and my sister. Rob is a martial arts master, and I don't use that title lightly, a shaman, Knight Templar, craftsman, and gifted teacher of all things tactical and spiritual.So many talks and discussions on numerous topics made each day with Rob a learning pleasure.

Whether you are a Freemason or not, Rob's book on communication is a must read for all who want a deeper skill of awareness, listening and communicating. You can order it at

The other author I visited is Timothy Hogan. Tim is a Grandmaster of the Knights Templar of O.S.T.I. and an in-demand speaker and presenter, world wide, on the topics of spirituality, esoterica, and all things  Knight Templar, as well as Freemasonry. Tim met my Sufi master in Cypress, and was the speaker for my grand commandery session. Check out Tim's latest book The Way of the Templar, also at

If you get a chance, read these author's works.You won't be disappointed!