Monday, January 2, 2023

MMTCA January Newsletter 2023


“The shaman-priest must have superb equilibrium, otherwise they will not reach their destination and fall this way or that.”

-Ramon Medina Silva


Happy New Year! Another trip around the sun for me and you. I wish 2023 to be your best year yet, filled with health, well-being, strength, love, and magic!

Speaking of new year, the Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit begins January 22nd. We’ll be celebrating with a combined zoom and in-person demonstration on January 28th. I’ll be sending out more details in the next week. (Master Choi is a Rabbit, FYI)

Our Winter/Spring schedule:

2nd and 4th Mondays, 630-730PM= zoom Pushing-Hands class

Tuesdays 6-8PM=in-person class at St Sahag

Wednesday 630-730PM= zoom solo form class

Thursdays 6-8PM=in-person class at St Sahag ( zoom available)

Saturdays 900-1030AM= in-person class at St Sahag


I’m also offering a five-week set of class for BeYou Enterprises, Tuesdays and Thursday 1100-1145

You can register here:


Before I leave the subject of classes and scheduling, here are the topics for our Winter/Spring curriculum:

3rd Section of Solo Form and applications

Left Side Tai-Chi Sword

Tai-Chi Saber and techniques

Weapons review


Pushing-Hands= Single and Two hand with etudes, Basics review

Hsing-Yi Five Fists and Linking Form

Pa-Kua Sword

Pa-Kua San-Shou


When we go outside for Summer classes, I’ll update the curriculum. If you have any questions or want to request any forms or training, please don’t hesitate to ask or suggest.


Book suggestion-Waking Up to The Dark by Clark Strand


OK, are you ready? Our new T-shirts are here! Thank You Julie!


I am planning a retreat for this August at Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield. I’ll be filling in more details each month. I will have a deposit deadline for you soon. For now, look at where I want to train and practice with you,


Help me get to 1000 subscribers. I’m close, at the time of this writing I’m at 648. I was at 278 just this July so I’m confident I can reach my goal soon. Just click “subscribe,” watch and like, and enjoy, thank you! Here is my latest podcast:


Thank you so much for your support this past year. I ask for your continuing support for this new year. May 2023 find you doing Tai-Chi in the most enchanting places ever!


-Sifu Ray


“Modern humanity’s sense of alienation lies in the fact that we have cut ourselves adrift from both the natural world and from the roots of our past.”

-Philip Carr-Gomm


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