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MMTCA November Newsletter 2023


Master Liang's Praying Mantis teacher, Fan Shudong, seated. Fan taught Liang at his high school, kung-fu being the PE!

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

-Albert Einstein


November already? Where have I been? What have I been doing? Taiji of course! Although we’ve moved indoors, classes are still amazing and fun. The dance studio is a great indoor space, and I invite you to attend class.


Tuesday 6-8PM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Sanshou, solo and two-person Taiji Cane, Bagua

Wednesday zoom 630-730PM Solo Form Review and Taiji Qigong

Thursday 6-8PM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Sanshou, solo and two-person Taiji Cane, Xingyi

Saturday 900-1030AM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Advanced Pushing Hands Drills, solo and two-person Taiji Cane

Beginners class are Saturdays 11-12 at St Sahag,

Monday November 11th 630-730 Monthly zoom Pushing Hands- Wang’s Dalu


We’ll be closed Thursday, November 23rd. There will be zoom class on the 22nd, and in person classes on the 25th.


I taught a seminar and classes in Delaware last month at Twin Willows Taiji Studio. Plans are in place for a retreat next June. The venue is reserved, people have paid deposits, and there are only two spaces left. I’ll post more info and the curriculum next month.


My pushing hands book is getting closer to the finish line! I’ve got great help in all the different processes like editing, photos, and layout. Here is an excerpt from the introduction.


“To be perfectly clear, we must know what we are training for. Are we training for health, stress relief, and well-being? Are we training for fighting and competition, or self-defense? Are we training for meditation and spiritual growth? Or a combination, or all the above? These different components of Taiji: health, self-defense, philosophy, and meditation, have different training methods and mindsets.

For instance, for fighting and competition, you know when it is going to happen, when you’re going to get into the ring. Mental attitude and training are just as important as your physical training and conditioning. For self-defense, you don’t know when an attack will come, and you will have no rational response. This is where your instincts take over. You react to how you train. For self-defense you fight with reaction. For competition you fight with skill and mindset.

You are probably not going to get attacked by a ninja, ever! I think it's safe to say no one will be swinging a Kwan Do or 9-section chain whip at you in your everyday life. You will be attacked daily with stress, worry, fear, other people’s attitudes and energy, and all kinds of perceived threats. To stay relaxed, grounded, healthy, and happy throughout your day, and life, takes embracing the lessons of Taiji and applying them directly to your inner and outer world. To not get mad, stressed, or tense as your knee jerk reaction takes time and consistent training to change your temperament.”


I was watching the final episode of the final season of Mad Men. The lead character was on retreat and doing yoga and Taiji. I thought the Taiji looked good, and familiar. Then during sitting meditation, as the camera panned the group, there was my beloved disciple, Micah Lopez! Micah was the Taiji teacher for the cast and had a non-speaking role as a retreat participant! I jumped out of my seat screaming “It’s Micah!” Wow, I’m just so proud!


Micah with Don Draper

Paul Brennan Translation- Chen Yanling’s Sanshou


Thank you to my subs who filled in for me while I was out East. Julie, Karen, Paul I, John S, a bow from the waist!


Book suggestion= Mastery by Robert Greene


My student Martin Ebelhardt is opening an Egoscue practice in the cities. Here is a write up and contact info.

Healing Movement LLC

Whether you are suffering with chronic pain and muscle tightness, recovering from an injury, surgery, want to improve athletic performance or are just interested in improving how you feel, move, and look, Healing-Movement” can help. 

Healing-Movement is client-centered therapy practice that synthesizes concepts and methods from a variety of somatic and human movement approaches. Marty Ebelhardt developed the practice in order to teach clients how to use their bodies more effectively in order to overcome posture and movement patterns that result in chronic pain, muscle tightness, and limited mobility.  

The method differs from many other therapy approaches in that it empowers the individual client by giving them tools to work with in order to learn to gain mastery over their own body. Each client brings innate knowledge and experiences about their own bodies, which are an essential part of the process. In that way, the therapy is a team effort.

The process begins with a postural assessment, and functional testing in order to identify dysfunctional movement patterns, then proceeds with the teaching of exercises, self-massage, and mobility practices in order to restore function through engagement of the nervous system in re-patterning posture and movement.

Sessions proceed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis based on the client’s needs, until the client feels they have met their goals.  

For more information or to schedule a session you can reach Marty at

or call 612-760-9935.


Thank you all for your continued support, appreciation, and assistance, in this amazing art, Taiji Quan!

-Sifu Ray


“The need for certainty is the greatest disease the mind faces.”

-Robert Greene

Contact info

my phone- 1-218-341-9894








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Thursday, October 5, 2023

9 Hacks for the New World Man


He's not concerned with yesterday

He knows constant change is here today

He's noble enough to know what's right

But weak enough not to choose it

He's wise enough to win the world

But fool enough to lose it

He’s a new world man.”


 My teacher and classmate, Master Paul B. Gallagher R.I.P., taught a two-day course called "9 Taoist Practices to Keep Spring Eternal." Eternal spring alludes to good health, abundant energy, and youthful vigor. I took this course twice in Boston and once in Western Massachusetts. 

With Master Paul's passing, I've been thinking a lot about him and all the great lessons I had with him. As I was reminiscing about his 9 Practices, I remembered a talk we had in Asheville last year, where I told him about my ideas for some advice for young men in these rapidly changing times. He loved my ideas and encouraged me to write them down.

So, if you are a young man, with your whole life ahead of you, possessing abundant energy, with millions of dreams and visions, here are 9 pieces of advice I have to offer you.

1. Foundations of Health

Know how to take care of your S.E.L.F. Sleep good. Eat good. Live good. Feel good. 

Sleep the right amount for your inner and outer health. Don't skip sleep or try to get by. Naps don't count! Eat good, organic, healthy food. You are what you eat! Live a good life, one that serves you and others. How you feel, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, is the determining factor about your daily life. If one of these doesn't feel good, fix it. The Tao Te Ching says to take care of a problem when it is small!

2. Let’s talk about sex

Learn Taoist and Tantic sexual practices so you can conserve your vital energy. Learn about your fundamental creative energy source, and how to nurture and cherish it. Learn how to give great pleasure to your lover, without depleting yourself. Learn to think first, not be led by your lusts and desires. Learn to master this wild running horse you are sitting on, one that is galloping at full speed with no saddle, reins, or riding crop!

3. Martial arts

Only if you are capable of great violence, yet discipline and restrain it, are you a peaceful person. A weak person is not peaceful, they are ineffectual. Martial arts helps you learn about power, your power, and how to manage power. Real martial arts teaches more than punching and kicking, it teaches discipline, morals, control, philosophy, patience, and social connection. Join a dojo, now!

4.Financial freedom

Master money or it will master you. Read books on prosperity, anything by Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Randy Gage, or Tony Robbins to name a very few. Get an accountant. Save money. Invest in your future. Learn the basics of money, economics, taxes, and finances. Use money as energy and NOT the source of worth or pleasure. By land, they're not making anymore of it!

5. Spirituality

S.B.N.R. Spiritual but not religious. Whether you are in an organized religion or not, you need to pursue your spirituality. In the trinity of body, mind, and spirit, spirit is the part of you that's not thinking or moving. Soon you will realize you are going to die. Your spiritual quest, the holy grail quest, all of our spiritual seeking, is about answering three questions, and living the answers. Where did I come from? Where do I go when I die? What am I doing here now?

6. Healing and maintenance

A Chinese medical teaching says food and sleep without exercise leads to disease. Move it or lose it, motion is lotion, rest is rust! I really don't care what form of exercise you do, if you run, lift weights, swim, hike, do yoga, dance, or practice martial arts etc. Just do something! 

Take care of your body both inside and outside. Wash regularly, groom, buy nice clothes. Invest in bodywork like massage, Thai yoga, hot stones, etc. Go to legitimate body workers and skip the "happy ending places," they'll just drain you of energy and money. Go to saunas, take cold showers, and bathe in hot springs. Try alternative, as well as conventional, medicine and healing if you are sick or injured. Remember, sleep, rest, and time are three doctors available to you!

7. Read a book

Pick up a physical book, read it, learn, and enjoy. Forget kindle, it only adds more light to your overtaxed pineal gland. Go to a library, or a bookstore, buy new or used books. Pass them on when you are done. Ask someone who you admire, respect, and imitate, what their three favorite books are, and read them! Read before bed, read before work, read at lunch, read on vacation, read man!

8. Purpose, passion, pursuit

Three super important P's! They give your life meaning and will get you through stagnation and dark days. Find out what you are passionate about. What turns you on? What are you obsessed with? What do you think about all the time? What is your purpose in life? You personally. Why are you here? What have you come to do, or learn, or change, or invent, or discover, or reveal, or, or, or... 

When you find your passion, it becomes your purpose. Or when you find your purpose, it becomes your passion. Finally,  pursue, chase, run after, woo, seduce, investigate, hunt, track, and reach for your goals, dreams, and desires! Live your purpose, passion, and pursuit daily, and you will not only have a full, productive, and rewarding life, you will inspire others too.

9. Mentors, masters, wizards, and guides

On the journey of the three P's, you will need a teacher or guide. Learn from those who have gone before you. Learn from their mistakes and get the lessons without the pain. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of pain in your own lessons! Living masters, dead masters, fictional masters are all at your fingertips to learn from. What, nobody learns from Yoda?!

Confucius said leaning and teaching are like a table cloth, The teacher holds one corner and the student holds the other three. Imitate your teacher, do what they say and do. Assimilate their lessons, understand their lessons and get them inside you. Innovate, break away from the master, become a rebel, and make your own way, which is a combination of their lessons, your experience, your insights, and your  ability.

OK young man, I'll leave you with this thought. Life is time, time is life. When you read the dates on a tombstone, the birth year and the death year are not important. The dash between the years is what is truly important, it's your life. Don't waste time or you waste your life!

Did I mention books? Here are five to start with.

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castenada
Mastery by Robert Greene
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
The Tao of Love and Sex by Jolan Chang
Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

MMTCA October Newsletter 2023

With Master William C.C. Chen in Minnesota, 1985.

“My objectives for Taiji practice are to be simple, easy, natural, enjoyable, and more productive.

-Master William C.C. Chen


October is ROCKTOBER! I love the Fall colors and look for that last hot spell to practice outside before the weather turns cold…


Our Fall schedule begins October 7th. We’ll be moving classes indoors at St. Sahag dance studio. I’ll also begin a new curriculum, with review as well.

Here is the schedule and curriculum:

Tuesdays 6-8PM (starting Oct 10th)

Solo Form, San Shou, Cane, Two-person Cane, Bagua- 8 Palms, sword, sensitivity.

Wednesdays 630-730PM Zoom Solo form class.

Thursdays 6-8PM Hybrid at St Sahag and on Zoom (starting Oct 12th)

Solo Form, San Shou, Cane, Two-person Cane, Xingyi- Three-hand Combo, 5 Element Linking Form.

Saturdays 900-1030AM (starting Oct 7th)

Solo Form, Advanced Pushing Hands Drills, Cane, Two-person Cane.

New Class and Time!!! Saturdays 11-12PM Introduction to Taiji. This is a great time for new people to begin. Drop ins welcome.

Also, check for monthly Pushing Hands and Check In.


Book Suggestion= The Way of Qi Gong by Kenneth Cohen. If you haven’t read this, you are in for a treat! Highly educational as well as entertaining, Master Cohen presents more than qi gong to the reader.

I am finishing up the 12 Animals of Xingyi lessons and applications by Master Wai-lun Choi on my Patreon page. I am continuing my 8 Palms lessons, Taiji Classics, and will post the first two advanced pushing hands drills, Willow #2, and Short Power. Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book on pushing hands.


Advanced Drills

1.Willow #2

“Find the Line”

In Willow #1, the pushing or attacking side is like a coach, trainer, or helper. They only attack fear, tension, inflexibility, and anticipation. The pushing side helps the defending side train their neutralizing skills. The attacks help with developing the softness, flexibility, and evasiveness used in Taiji defense. In Willow #2 that all changes. The training is now for the pushing side. Here is where you learn the Tai-Chi art of attacking. To affect their balance or cause internal damage, the three main places we attack are the stance line, the centerline, and the center of gravity.

If your partner is soft or loose, you must tie them up with three pieces of rope, 1. Stance Line 2. Centerline 3. Center of Gravity, and then you can push.  If they are hard or tense, they tie themselves together, and everywhere you touch, you automatically find the line, centerline, and center of gravity. This is the analogy of lifting or moving a chain versus an iron bar. The iron bar is a metaphor for a stiff, tense, hard, substantial opponent. Anywhere you touch or move the iron bar, it affects the whole bar. An iron chain is a metaphor for a soft, relaxed, supple, insubstantial opponent. Only the place you touch is affected. You have to gather up the chain to move it. For pushing hands, you either have to make them tense or learn the three places to attack to move them.

When I started studying advanced pushing hands with Master T.T. Liang, he mostly talked about the stance line and the center of gravity, and sometimes mentioned the centerline. These are the most effective for pushing. When I studied pushing hands and sensitivity with Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi, he mostly talked about the centerline and the stance line, and occasionally spoke about the center of gravity. These are the most effective for striking. I put these two masters’ teachings into Willow #2 to equally address the stance line, centerline, and center of gravity.”


Brennan translation- From Master Liang’s teacher, Shi Diaomei.


Master Shi Diaomei

I have new business cards and a new poster. I can simply hand you cards and give you a pdf for the flyer. Email me! I also have to let go of my PO Box. If you need to snail mail me anything my address is with my contact info below.

I’m planning now for Chinese New Year, and a one-day retreat. CNY in January and a retreat some Saturday in February. I’ll have more info in next month’s newsletter.

Thanks again to all those lovely people who joined me for outside classes by the river and outside the church. It was one of the most pleasurable outdoor practices seasons of my life! I don’t think I missed a single day. I even practiced when it was sprinkling! I do look forward to flat floors, frankincense, and no “clumps!” Let’s have a great Autumn filled with relaxation, well-being, calm, glowing health, learning, practicing, reviewing, and refining!

 -Sifu Ray

 “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust


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Possibly the last photo of Yang Chengfu.