Wednesday, June 22, 2022

My Wim Hof Method Experience.

“Cold is my warm friend.”

-Wim Hof

I first heard about the Wim Hof Method from my friend Rob Jones. Rob and I have been sharing many different aspects of martial arts, meditation, and healing for years. Rob mentioned that he and his colleagues were practicing the Wim Hof Method and he sent a link to a documentary on Wim Hof.


I watched the documentary on the “Iceman” and at first, I was not impressed. Although Wim Hof was in buckets of ice, swimming under the Arctic Circle, and doing all kinds of things out in the snow and cold and just in shorts, I had seen different martial arts masters and spiritual people who were able to stay warm and heat their bodies in the cold. But then I saw something truly spectacular. I saw Wim Hof running a marathon in the desert without drinking water! I always heard that the highest level of internal control was being able to stay cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather. So now I decided to explore.


I signed up for Wim’s home study course which lasted for 10 weeks. The lessons covered the three aspects of Wim Hof’s method which are breathing technique, cold immersion, and mindset. The course had a nice gradual pace. The breath holds were a new aspect to all the various breathing techniques I’ve been doing for years. The cold however, really sucked! Not only did I hate the feeling of the cold, but I had had all the negative aspects of cold drilled into me through martial arts teachers, acupuncturists, other various tradition Asian healing modalities, and my grandmother!


I can say that the mental training came into play each time I wanted to take a cold shower or a cold bath. Even when I began to acclimate and it wasn’t so hard, or when I switched back and forth from warm to cold to warm again, it still was a mental challenge and struggle. Physically it took almost two months of cold training before I could turn from my chest to my back, in the cold water, without gasping or shuddering. I did notice that I gradually stopped shivering early on.  And that when I switched from warm to cold and back again, at some point they just became sensation.


Early in the course Wim said the whole key is to study the lights that were in your third eye when you are doing various holding of the breath and cold training. This was the sign that the parasympathetic nervous system was being accessed. I soon began noticing all kinds of lights and shapes, and during my other meditations and practices I became aware of lights and activity in my third eye.


I not only saw light, but I also saw tunnels, my seven chakras, runes, animals, faces, a Templar Cross, and an assortment of shapes and colors. By far the most amazing sight, which happened twice, was when a huge, brilliant ball of blazing white light opened in my third eye and expanded all the way through my consciousness!


I experienced extremes of heat and cold during my breath holds. Sometimes I had to rip my clothes off! Other times I had to run to the bathroom only to find out I didn’t have to go; I was just accessing my parasympathetic nervous system and it’s connections to my bodily functions. One time I had an instant and powerful erection that had nothing to do with any kind of sexual thoughts or feelings. In the early sessions I would spontaneously break into laughter, or cry and sob, again with no noticeable emotions connected to either.


Another aspect of the Wim Hof training was to perform push-ups after the breath technique and after your last exhalation. Basically, seeing how many push-ups you could do on empty lungs. I’ve always hated push-ups and could do very few. With this method of supercharging your cells with oxygen, I was able to do over 50 push-ups at a time.


I did start to notice that in the colder weather I stayed warm without having to put on as many layers as I use to. And that actually I stayed cooler in the hot weather. I went into Lake Superior in Winter and exposed my skin to many levels of below zero weather while living in Duluth MN.


Working on breath holds after exhaling, I was able to get to over two minutes regularly. I now get to three minutes after my last exhalation, and even passed the four-minute mark, all effortlessly. Doing this kind of breath hold, basically with empty lungs, gave me insight into the Sufi teaching “Die Before You Die.” As the last thing we will do is exhale, it is interesting to contemplate death and beyond while your body is signaling you for survival and life.


I also researched the breath techniques of Stig Severinsen, four-time world freediving champion and Guinness World Record holder for various breath holds. He gave a three-part technique for holding breath, either with full or empty lungs, which made holding much easier. They also gave me a physical practice for three of the lessons and teachings I have been working on for years.


Stig’s suggestion is that when you hold your breath, you consciously do three things:

1.         Relax your diaphragm

2.         Slow your heart

3.         Look at your Third Eye


Not only did this help with my breath holds, but it also tied into my Taoist meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and my Druid studies. Here are the three:


Three Tan-T’iens

Triple Burner

Three Cauldrons


I also explored other breathing and holding methods from many Western and Eastern Traditions. I use the Wim Hof Method as my solid foundation, especially for the cold exposure. I would highly recommend Wim’s method. Some of my students have also embraced the cold! Below is a short reading list to help you on your breath journey.


“All the world’s light cannot be compared to the brightness of a single ray of your own inner light.”

-Wim Hof


Suggested reading list:

The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof

Breath by James Nestor

Tai-Chi Chuan and Meditation by Da Liu

Breathology by Stig Severinsen

Science of Breath by Swami Rama


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

MMTCA June Newsletter 2022

"Don't look back, we are not going that way."

-Ragnar Lothbrook

Where did May go? June is upon us and the weather is gorgeous! Outdoor practice is awesome this time of year, so get out into your yards or join us in the parks for class. Here is our schedule:

Tuesday- 6-8 Outside in the St Sahag side yard, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.

Thursday-  6-8 East River Flats Park, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.

Saturday- 9-11 East River Flats Park, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.

Check out my blog, the muse is with me!

Two events last month, an altar opening and a grand visitation! Read about them and more on my blog.

Book suggestion= The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian ( Thank you Chris S)

For as little as five dollars a month, you can join my Patreon page and get access to my current and past teachings, lessons, videos, historical movies and more. Check it out!

I'll be travelling this summer, but classes will run as scheduled. I am planning a one day retreat in August and will get details to you next month. I am in negotiations for a three day retreat for next year at Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield Wisc. 

Thank you all for your continued support throughout all aspects of my life and art.

-Sifu Ray

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."
-e e cummings

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Friday, June 3, 2022

Visiting JVB


Joanne Von Blon is my first disciple and one of my first students from when I moved to Minnesota. She not only learned from me, but she is a black belt under the late Sensei Robert Fusaro. Joanne learned Yang style Tai-Chi from Jonah Friedman, and Wu style from Dr Wen Zee. She has taken seminars with Master T.T. Liang and Grandmaster Wai0lun Choi. She also taught Tai-Chi for many years both as an assistant and as an instructor.

May 27th a group of us went to have lunch and catch up with our 98 year old classmate. Joanne was funny, quick witted, and a delight to spend time with. Julie, Fred, Rondi, and I had a great afternoon reminicing and updating. We have another visit being planned and will keep you posted.

Altar Opening

 May 21st I had the honor and pleasure of opening Karen's altar. She is a 7th generation lineage holder, my disciple, and my long time student. Other disciples traveled to Karen's house for the ceremony. Afterwards, I taught an impromptu seminar getting people working on new material. Snacks and great conversation, plus excellent weather and gracious hosts, made it a perfect Spring day! Congratulations Karen! I'm proud you are carrying on this tradition.

Gratitude Attitude


As you may or may not know, I was in a legal situation last month. I had to hire a lawyer to help me deal with it. (It was dismissed.) Through this ordeal, my students and friends came out to support me in ways big and small. A collection was made to help towards my legal fees. Offers of support, encouragement, and appreciation came in droves! Letters about my character and integrity were humbling to read.

I want to thank you all for your many ways and levels of support. I feel like George Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life!" My lawyer, R. Leigh Frost, was incredible and I'd recommend her to anyone in Minnesota.

Thank you seems so small for the feelings in my heart. It's all I have for now, so, thank you.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

My outside class schedule for Minnesota 2022

 Beginning Tuesday, May 17th, my outside class schedule will be:

Tuesday- 6-8 Outside in the St Sahag side yard, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.
Thursday-  6-8 East River Flats Park, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.
Saturday- 9-11 East River Flats Park, if it rains we'll be inside St Sahag.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Five pieces of advice for a young man.

1. Be capable of making friends.

2. Be capable of great pleasure.

3. Be capable of making money.

4. Be capable of great violence.

5. Be capable of making a decision.

When asked by a young poet about why he should write, Rainer Maria Rilke answered;

"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. This most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write?"

I've been teaching and learning in many capacities for decades. I've had the great good fortune of being guided by wise men, and giving advice to young men. I continue to help people find their passion, purpose, and pursuit. Here are five pieces of advice I've given, sometimes singly, and at other times, all five, or even more! If you are a young man, I give these to you freely. Take what works for you, leave behind what doesn't.

1. Be capable of making friends.

"Friends should provide their friends with weapons and clothing.

This kind of generosity shows.

Generous mutual giving is the key to life long friendship."

-Havamal 41

10,000 years or more, as men we relied on each other. Our hunting partners, our fellow warriors, our teachers and guides, all the men who had our backs and who we trusted to protect and alert us, all of them played a huge part in our surviving, and our thriving.

Our bonds with other men extended beyond family to fraternal relationships, various groups and societies, to spiritual communities and warrior clans. Our social circles and national ties made bonds and brothers as well. We learned about who were our true friends, our enemies, and those in between. We still need this!

As a young man, you need to learn how to make friends, how to keep friends. and how to vet friends.( If you don't know the meaning of "vet" outside of animal medicine, look it up.) Make friends with men who you look up to. The Sufis say to be careful with who you make friends with because you will have the habits of your friends. Find men who are doing what you want to be doing, know what you want to know, and are who you want to be.

Learn how to give gifts as an exchange. You are not buying friendship, you are simply repaying until you are your best self, and then your friendship is the balanced return. Until then, give of yourself, your time-energy-attention, small gifts and tokens, and your friendship. Be someone your friend can rely on, and seek friends you can rely on as well.

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so choose carefully. Would you die for your friends? Would they take a bullet for you? Will they betray you and steal from you? Will they defend you in your absence as well as in your presence? You need to ask yourself these questions and get the answers from your friends, and your potential friends, by their actions.

2. Be capable of great pleasure.

"On the other hand, if a man reduces and regulates his ejaculation to an absolute minimum, his body will be strengthened, his mind at ease, and his vision and hearing improved. Although the man seems to have denied himself ejaculatory sensations at times, his love for his woman will greatly increase. It is as if he could never have enough of her. And this is the true lasting pleasure, is it not?"


Young man, you have to know how to please people without being a people-pleaser. What is the difference? 

People pleasers are looking for something. They want to get something for the pleasure they provide. Some are looking for a reward, some for an advantage, and others for validation or to be liked. You are not to please like this.

You want to be able to give great pleasure with your body to your lover. Give pleasure to your family with love and devotion. Give pleasure to your friends with gifts and council. To everyone with compliments, attention, and a smile. Unless you are going to harm someone, or are getting harmed, walk the earth bestowing pleasure and kindness on all.

Your pleasure giving comes from your strength, power, confidence, and awareness.  The pleasure you give increases your energy and never takes away from you. If it does, you are a people-pleaser.

3. Be capable of making money.

"Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people that they don't like."

-Will Rogers

Money is an energy exchange. I exchange my time, knowledge, ability etc. for your money. I pay you money for your services, We use money to reflect that energy. You need to know how to make money. It's just like learning how to make energy.

The first step to making money is to truly value yourself and your time. Time is really like saying your life, your lifetime. You don't know how long you'll be here, how long you get to be alive, so every second, minute, hour, day, year counts!

One way to make money is not to spend any. Buy what you need first. Buy what you want last. Figure out what comforts your life and decide to buy based on the time and energy it took to make the money, versus the comfort the bought thing gives to you.

Have more than two or more sources of income. Don't rely on one money source, because it could go away and you'll be stuck. Work by the job, not by the hour. Your time is your most valuable commodity. When you limit how much that time can earn you, knowing you can never get that time back or make it more valuable, is the slowest and costliest way to make money.

Learn to value and cherish experiences above materials. Taking a walk on a sunny day is free. Buying something you really want loses that magic once you get it. Think of the day after Christmas or after your birthday.

If you can, be your own boss. Own your own business. Be the master of your own time and mobility. These are the true signs of wealth. Many people with lots of money are stuck, unhappy, unhealthy, and miserable. Money is a tool. Make it work for you, not you work for money.

4. Be capable of great violence.

"You can't truly call yourself peaceful unless you're capable of great violence. If you're not capable of violence you're not peaceful, you're harmless."

-Stefan Grant

As a man, you need to be able to protect yourself, and that includes being able to inflict, pain, injury, harm, and death. If you are called upon to defend yourself, a loved one, an innocent or vulnerable person, a friend, or even a stranger, you'll find that words don't go very far with irrational, violent people.

If you are being oppressed, bullied, intimidated, or outright attacked, you need to be able to stop that behavior or die trying. You are not looking for trouble. If trouble comes to you, wishing and hoping it goes away is a poor strategy.

Learn how to fight with your body. Learn how to fight with your mind. Learn how to fight with bladed and blunt weapons. Learn how to shoot firearms. Go to a dojo. Learn fencing at a fencing club. Take a firearms safety course. Take up archery. Throw knives and axes. Lift weights, eat right, sleep well, and be strong and capable.

You may never need, or even use, your self-defense skills, but that is no excuse not to be able to in a split second. The more you are able to inflict damage, the finer line you walk of awareness and responsibility.  Again, because you are capable of great violence doesn't mean that is your only answer to conflict. The Art of War states that knowing your opponent and yourself is a strategy for victory.

5. Be capable of making a decision.

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Procrastination is the paralyzing curse of the information age. You have the world's knowledge and experience at your fingertips, but you can't decide what to do. Sometimes having too much choice is no choice at all!

There are stages to a decision. Figure out what you want or need. Research. Ask for advice. Write out pros and cons. Leave it alone for a while. Meditate on it. Sleep on it. Ask your deep, innermost self. 

At some point you have to decide. You can't be wishy washy about it, it could be a serious decision or action you must take. When you have done all you can, within a reasonable amount of time, not hurrying yourself, or taking forever, then you have to act. Trust in yourself. Trust you are making the decision with everything you could do, within a reasonable time. THEN DO IT!

The Sufis say you should make decisions with the idea that you will not live past this day, or you have the next forty years ahead of you. You have to be quick and slow. Detailed and intuitive. Stand by your decision. If you can do this, you will be way ahead in your life.

There are lots more I have to say, and share, and give. For now, know yourself, love yourself, teach yourself, strengthen yourself, and test yourself.

Friday, April 29, 2022

MMTCA May Newsletter 2022

 "A genius is the person who can do the average thing when everyone else around them is losing their mind."

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Happy May! May Day! Blessed Beltane! I hope this month finds you happy, healthy, and outdoors.

Our schedule will remain the same until the weather stabilizes, then we will go out. I'll keep you posted. For now we will keep classes on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, plus the zoom class on Wednesdays. The curriculum is as follows:

Tuesdays- Solo Form, Pushing-Hands, Double Saber, Weapons Review, Ba Gua Zhang 64 Mother Palms

Wednesdays-150 Posture Long Form on zoom

Fridays- Solo Form, Applications, Self-Defense, Sword, Spear

Saturdays (inside)- Pushing-Hands

Saturdays (outside)- Solo Form, Pushing-Hands, Weapons Review, Intro Shao-Lin Saber

Book Suggestion= Estrogeneration by Anthony G. Jay Ph.D

I've moved, so please send any correspondences to my P.O. Box please. I look forward to practicing and teaching outside with you all.


"Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."

-Thomas Edison

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

MMTCA April Newsletter 2022

To-Di ceremony in Taiwan

 "Our great danger in this life is not that we aim too high and fail, but that we aim too low and succeed."

-Rollo Tomassi

April showers brings April snow! Sometimes, here in Minnesota.

Thank you to my subs for covering classes while I was out East. Thank you Fred, Julie, Matt B, and John S!!!

I taught two seminars in Delaware, one with Simu Diane Cannon with Ming Tao Tai-Chi, and one with Sifu Bryan Davis with Twin Willows Tai-Chi. It was so much fun and we covered a LOT of material.

I'm looking at the sky and as soon as the weather is a little more predictable, we'll move classes outside and I'll expand the curriculum. I'm also retaining the churches as bad weather alternatives for now. More info coming.

I reached 500 subscribers on YouTube! Thank you to all who subscribed! If you haven't yet, please subscribe.

Also check out my Patreon page. Lots of information and lessons are available there. You can also support me and my art by joining.

Book Suggestion= Drawing Silk by Master Paul Gallagher ( a must read for my students!)

World Tai-Chi Day is April 30th. I'll be doing Tai-Chi with class and on my own. If you do Tai-Chi that day take a picture and send it to me please!

Thank you all and keep practicing!

-Sifu Ray

I'm moving this month so send any correspondences to my PO Box for now please.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Let's Talk About Sex, part 3, a guest blogger.

Guest blogger Jennifer gives an astrological view of sex and sensuality. Check out her website at   -Ray

The Astrological Pleasure Body

By Jennifer Kaufman ~ Astro LifeStylist ~ Stone Angel Studios



            If the Taoists believe in the polarity of Fire and Water to explain the differences between men and women*, Astrologers use a more intricate system.  Astrologically, Air and Fire are masculine/electric in polarity and Water and Earth are feminine/magnetic in polarity, but an individual chart (for both men and women) is made with unique and different combinations of these elements and polarities.


Pleasure is the “good stuff” in life. Humanity as a whole, now that we have progressed past our primal urge to procreate, can literally exist to “just” to love and be happy… if we let ourselves. Pleasure in the form of sensuality, sexuality and relationship with another human is an ideal path to happiness. Finding a pleasure partner, no matter your gender, is all about mixing your elements with the complementary elements of another to establish an ideal partnership. Opposites can attract, and energies can complement one another, but the key is to know what (or who) YOU need, and honor that while giving your partner what they need.


I’m going to show you some Astrological ways you can identify and create sexual and sensual compatibility. Even if you are not a student of Astrology, it is a great exercise to look at your own chart to see where these influences effect your life. (If you do not have your own astrological chart, goto and enter your exact time, place and date to generate your own natal birth chart.)

The Elements:

Elementally, the chart can show a dominance, which lends its own flair to romance, pleasure and sexuality.


ALL elements are surrounded by space, its sense of sound is beneficial for all Elemental dominances.


Air is the Power of Movement, it is the lightest of the elements and is linked with the mind and the sense of touch. Air people have sensitive skin and enjoy holding hands. 


Fire is the Power of Transformation, it is the hottest of the elements and linked with action and the sense of sight. Pleasing the eyes, taking a walk or a good foot rub pleases the Fire signs.


Water is the Power of Cohesion, it is linked with emotions and the sense of taste. Sensation using the tongue, the act of procreation and stimulating the genitals is a Water pleaser.


Earth is the Power of Stability and it is linked with matter and substance, and the sense of smell. Pleasing the nose, expelling fluids and attention to the anus is very Earthy.


The Planets:

Planets are the “What” in a chart, and the sexual planets are as follows:


m Mars determines your sex drive: motivation, energy and initiation.


            In the Masculine: the energy to initiate sexual circumstances and encounters that               

            arouse him. What actions initiate sex. 


            In the Feminine: represents the type of individual and/or actions needed to make her                           aroused.


l Venus determines your sensuality and desire: touch, smell, tastes as well as WHO you would like to touch you and stimulate you sexually.


            In the Masculine: represents the type of partner they want to commit to, and who they

            find beautiful.


            In the Feminine: represents where you like to be touched, erotic zones, pleasure spots.


w Pluto is the Lord of Sexuality. He illuminates ones sexual power, style and the how/why/who                            you achieve orgasm.  *Power is an interesting thing in sex, you MUST keep it high vibe,                         or it can be used inappropriately.


a The Sun determines casual or recreational sex: how you like to date, as well as                                               circumstances that lead to casual affairs, romance and pleasure.


s The Moon directs feelings, emotions, instincts and attachments: where the moon falls in your                          chart compared to other sexual planets will determine your emotional state before,                           during and after sex.


The Zodiac Signs:

Zodiac signs are the “How” in a chart. The sexual zodiac signs are:


aAries (ruled by Mars) determines your sex drive


bTaurus (ruled by Venus) dictates your 5 senses


hScorpio (ruled by Pluto) determines the type of sex and sexual orgasms


eLeo (ruled by the Sun) is where you find sex for relaxation, recreational purposes (procreating,   romance and true love matings)



While the above signs are the “sexual signs”, each of the 12 Zodiac signs is connected to an area of the body, making each sign have its own sweet spot for pleasure.


aAries rules the head

bTaurus rules the neck and throat

c Gemini rules the arms, hands and shoulders

d Cancer rules the breast and chest

e Leo rules the heart

f Virgo rules the gut and digestion

g Libra rules the kidneys and lower back

h Scorpio rules the sexual organs

i Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs

j Capricorn rules the knees, bones and skin

m Aquarius rules the shins and calves

n Pisces rules the feet


The Houses:

The Sexual Houses* are the containers or “Where” in a chart. I’ll note those with an asterisk, but all of the Houses can inform you of how you find your pleasure. Look to see which sign is on the cusp of the house, indicating the sign and planet that rules that container.


*The 1st House of Identity exemplifies our likes and dislikes regarding sexual arousal and drive. It also identifies the circumstances (environmental and psychological influences) to initiation of sex.


The 2nd House of Value and Matter can indicate our values and morals regarding sexual activity.


The 3rd House of Communication and Expression can show us how we best communicate our needs in sexua activity.


The 4th House of Home and Family can show is where we ancestrally are connected to sex and sensuality.


*The 5th House of Play, Fun and Performance is our container for recreational or “fun” and enjoyable sexual activity.


The 6th House of Work, Health and Duty will inform us of our sexual habits and tendencies, as well as if we find sex “work”


The 7th House of Relationship can show us the ideal energy of our partner, and the type of sex we like to have.


*The 8th House of Transformation, Sex, Death and Rebirth is our house of sexuality and procreation. It’s energy illuminates your style, type and sexual preferences. 


The 9th House of Wisdom and Philosophy can teach us what we desire or seek philosophically in a sexual relationship.


The 10th House of Career and Public Perception will show us how we show our relationship to sex and sensuality to the world and in public. Is it included in our work and public life?


The 11th House of Community and Common Causes indicates where we will find groups of like minded people regarding sexuality and sensuality


The 12th House of Endings, Synthesis and Prison may show us where we end our relationships as well as what we keep hidden, or what sexual energy is imprisoned inside ourselves.




Putting this all together, I will use my own chart as a reference. I am extremely Venusian, making me extremely sensual as a partner. I have Libra Rising and a Taurus Sun found in the 7th House of relationship, all three ruled by Venus. My Venus is found in my 6th House of work, duty and Health in Aries, making my Venus a Warrior for Love, as well as key to my health. It’s all about the sensual for me, a kiss given at my throat (Taurus Sun) is incredibly erotic, as is a caress given to my low back (Libra Rising). If I don’t get the sensuality I need in my daily life and routine, I suffer, if I do, I thrive. My partner needs to be active and instigating (7th House ruled by Aries).


You can go MUCH deeper into relationship and sex and sensuality in a chart, and you can always do a synastry reading to see where two people align in relationship energies. Astrology can shine a light on your physical makeup, needs, challenges and desires if you focus on the right places in your chart.



May you find your Pleasure and Be Happy!




*Note: men and women are used here as those who are born designated as male and female as a representation of the polarity opposites of yin and yang. 

Part 4, Red, White, and Blue!