Tuesday, July 11, 2023

MMTCA July Newsletter 2023


Master Wu Tu-nan 

“Be aware of over-training. Anything done in harmony with the law of nature is liable to bring you good results, and aging s a natural law. Don’t take yourself as young when you are already old, or becoming old. In my own case, I used to train not less than three hours a day when I was a youth. The whole program was strenuous: stances, kicks, stretches, doing Tai-Chi under a table. Then I trained two hours a day ibn my middle age. After sixty, about one-and-a-half hours. Over seventy: one hour. Over eighty: less than an hour. Over ninety: about thirty minutes. Now I only do about fifteen minutes  early every morning and sometimes another fifteen minutes before going to bed and I have kept myself all the time fit and healthy.”

-Wu Tu-nan, at age 108


July class schedule remains the same as last month. Monthly zoom Pushing-Hands will be Monday July 17th. We'll review the 15 Minute Pushing-Hands Workout and dive into 10 Long Power Techniques.

Tuesdays 6-8PM=St Sahag backyard

Wednesdays 630-730PM=zoom

Thursdays 6-8PM= East River Flats Park

Saturdays 900-1100AM= East River Flats Park

One Monday a month Pushing-Hands = zoom

(St Sahag dance studio is our rainy-day or bad weather option.)



I attended the Master Paul Gallagher Celebration of Life Ceremony in Massachusetts last month. A beautiful venue with lots of stories, photos, remembrances, and a few tears. Rest in the Tao my dear Brother...


Master Paul Gallagher, The Monkey King, 1944-2023.

I’m beginning a monthly Pa-Kua lesson on YouTube and Patreon covering the 8 Palm Changes from Yin Fu. I’m including application ideas and a two-person sensitivity to go with each Palm Change lesson.


Dr. Leung Kay-chi, Pa-Kua, 1979.

Check out my guest blogger this month, Sifu Mike Cain. Mike gives a remembrance and insight about Paul Gallagher that I know you will love!



I taught a seminar while I was out in Massachusetts last month and took two classes with Sifu J Richard Roy. I also had many great conversations and insights from so many long-time practitioners. Here are three lessons I’d like to share with you:


1.       From Sifu Richard. “Instead of focusing on the leg that the weight is being shifted or transferred to, the substantial leg, focus on the leg that is becoming soft. Feel that leg release or take a rest. The outside will look the same, but the inside will feel different.” I felt this profoundly! Thank you, Richard!

2.       From a conversation with Sensei Jeff on the action in the feet being on the toe or heel. We looked at heels for power and rooting, and balls of feet for mobility and movement. Jeff noticed that in many places, if the focus was on the ball of one foot, the other foot’s focus would be on the heel. Teaching Tai-Chi Spear with the follow-steps, I saw clearly the pushing off the back foot with the heel being the last part of the spring, and the front heel landing first! And the reverse was true for going backward. I’m now looking at my heel/toe relationship more closely. Thank you, Jeff!

3.       I taught some inner working of the Taiji qigong, also known as the “21.”  I asked why it’s called the 21 because there are more than 21 breaths and movements. One of Paul Gallagher’s old-time students and advanced practitioners, Rob Zilin, gave me the answer. Rob brought in a copy of the qi-gong from Chen Yen-lin’s book, and it had…21 illustrations! Thank you, Rob!



With Sifu Richard Roy in Massachusetts, 2023.

Book suggestion- Get Off Your But by Sean Stephenson




Paul Brennen translation- From Master Choi’s Taiji lineage:



Enjoy your outdoor practice!

-Sifu Ray


“Never believe a prediction that does not empower you.”

-Sean Stephenson


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Guest blogger, Sifu Mike Cain, remembering Paul Gallagher.

My guest blogger is Mike Cain, my long time student and disciple. Mike had a deep and intimate phone connection with the late Paul Gallagher, and visited him in Asheville. Here is Mike's email intro and his blog, enjoy!

"For your consideration, here is my Paul B. Gallagher reflection.

If it is acceptable to you, I hope that you can publish it, with a brief introduction as a guest blog post.

You of all people know that my words are highly insufficient to accurately capture Paul's spirit, wisdom, and humanity.

Never-the-less, I feel your audience needs a small taste of our dear Master G!

Thank you in advance sir. I appreciate the opportunity to share. - M"

What Can You Learn From 9 Years of Conversation With a Master?



Seemingly everything, and nothing; allow me to explain…



Roughly 9 years ago Ray Hayward mentioned to me that a one Paul Gallagher of Asheville, NC wanted to formally meet me; and as I would find out later, begin a “conversation”.


Obviously I knew of a Mr. Paul Gallagher from past discussions with Sifu Hayward, and from Master T.T. Liang’s book, but I still had to ask, “THE Paul Gallagher, really?”.


Needless to say, I was both honored and intrigued to receive an invitation from such an accomplished and wise individual.


Ray fulfilled the request and made the appropriate introductions. He also provided me valuable insight and instruction on how to approach this rare and unique opportunity (thank you again sir).


The monthly and sometimes weekly phone calls between Mr. Paul Gallagher and I started with the usual “get to know you” dialog. The calls rather quickly progressed to deeper and more profound topics; with subjects that quite literally were all over the board, map and time.


Even though Mr. Gallagher approached our conversations as if we were equals, I immediately became aware that saying “Paul” or “Mr. Gallagher” was not going to work for me. Calling him “Master Paul” or “Master Gallagher” while immensely appropriate, was also too cumbersome, not to mention unacceptable to my new conversational partner. To solve the dilemma sooner than later, I presented my own unique and respectful salutation for approval… “Master G”!



Refining 9 years of profound conversation will be a long, and iterative process to be sure. But in the spirit of sharing - something very important to Master G by the way - here are a few nuggets:


It is important to state up front that very rarely were the conversations directly about martial arts. Instead, at the start of a meeting one of us would pose a leading question, or make a comment on some thing that happened to be at the forefront of our recent personal ruminations. In almost all cases, the subject(s) dealt with our respective, personal experiences, observations, and thoughts on life, and living. Sure, there were many references to tai chi concepts and related martial and spiritual arts; but these mostly served as a common foundation for understanding and confirmation.


Master G’s number one piece of advice was: “treat everyone you meet like a million bucks”.


As a recipient of this approach, I can attest to its power and effectiveness. In one of our more recent conversations, I told him this tenet should be updated to “a billion” due to inflation. Being an expert in marketing and finance, he laughed and agreed heartily!


Another profound question Master G would pose is: “who do you have to be?”


Initially, his question provoked a long and deep discussion that I am still digesting. He explained that when looking at, or interacting with someone who seems to always get the good stuff, or receive a larger share of information or insight, you should ask, “who do you have to be?” (to get and/or receive).


Given that our conversations were rarely one way or unbalanced, at some point much later, I added my own questions to Master G’s:


“Where do you have to be?”


“When do you have to be?”


After several years of fabulous and fascinating discussion, I spontaneously posed a question to Master G. that seemed to genuinely stump him.


“What is it that you know, that no one, past or present knows?”


Obviously I knew the answer, having pondered the question for many decades. I believed Master G. would immediately provide me his version of the answer.

After a pause, he said he didn’t have an answer. To this day, I am not entirely sure if I did stump him or not; alas that is the nature of conversation with Paul Gallagher!


Looking back through the slightly out of focus lens of recollection, I know that Master G taught everything he knew about life to anyone who spent more than a few hours with him. At the same time, he (purposefully) taught us nothing, knowing full well that it is up to each of us to ultimately put in the “work” to figure it out for ourselves…


For the folks that know and love Paul Gallagher, the following is not new, or surprising. Never-the-less, it must be stated:


Paul Benedict Gallagher is a treasure.


From a profoundly personal point of view, let me add:


Master G… master of the Gs























Sincerely and Respectfully,


Mike Cain


PS. the answer is: “your own self”