Monday, September 27, 2021

MMTCA October Newsletter 2021


“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.”

-Bruce Lipton


Fall is upon us, and outdoor practices and classes are coming to an end. Beginning October 12th, my Tuesday night classes will be inside at St Sahag church in St Paul.

My Friday night classes will be inside at Christ Church Lutheran starting the 15th.

I’m solidifying the Men’s and Women’s Saturday Pushing-Hands practices. Julie will send that out to you when I have dates and locations.

For now:

Tuesdays 6-8Pm at St Sahag’s, 203 Howel St, St Paul 55104

Fridays 6-730PM at Christ Church, 3244 34th Ave S, Minneapolis 55406

Saturdays at various people’s home dojos, more info to come.


I’ll be in Delaware the month of October teaching seminars and classes. If you have any questions about classes or locations while I’m gone, Julie is your contact person. If you need to contact me, text and email will be the best.

Julie Cisler phone 612-876-7915 and email,


I will be here the whole Winter, January through April or May, depending on classes, and will have more classes and locations for our curriculum. I’m also beginning to look for a more permanent home.


I’m excited to announce that I began posting the 10 Basic Pushing-Hands Drills on Patreon! I am coordinating these drills with excerpts from my upcoming Pushing-Hands book. You will also find these on my YouTube page.




Book Suggestion=Medieval Swordsmanship by John Clements


On September 26th I had the honor and pleasure of initiation three senior students, and one renewal, into the 7th Generations Yang Style Lineage. Having requested discipleship, been tested and found ready and worthy, and passed through a formal ceremony, I recognize:


Michelle Ashmun

Jennifer Graves

David Kielkopf

James Postiglione 


As my personal disciples and inner-door students. Congratulations!

I have two new addresses for you. Here is my business,

P. O. Box 28295

Oakdale, MN 55128

And my residence,

1076 Mary St N

Maplewood, MN 55119


I’m still giving Covid the caution and prevention it deserves. I am slowly going back to in-person teaching and as soon as we get some kind of “all clear” I’ll add more classes and two-person practices.

Thank you,


“Love enjoys knowing everything about you; desire needs mystery.”

-Esther Perel


Julie’s Message

Hello! Thanks to all of you who have attended my classes during this strange and challenging time. You are the best!


New students are now welcome to join my classes anytime. Until October 15, I will continue to hold classes in my backyard, and on Zoom. For the colder months, I have two excellent spaces, and I am negotiating other possible locations. Please note: Some class times will change slightly.


Here’s the new schedule so far, starting October 16:


Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm at the Black Forest Inn Banquet building. Parking is available on the street and in the restaurant’s parking lot, which is just south of the restaurant on Nicollet Ave.


Saturdays 12:00-1:30pm at Christ Church Lutheran, 3244 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406


These Indoor locations ask us to follow CDC guidelines. Please wear a mask in these indoor spaces when you attend class in person.


Stay tuned for more In-person classes! If I can’t secure an indoor space, I’ll continue to teach the following classes on Zoom:

Mondays 11:30am-12:30pm

Wednesdays 11:30am-12:30pm

Fridays 3:30-4:30pm


If you really prefer to attend classes on Zoom, I will continue to allow students to attend even my in-person classes online. Still, I hope to see all of you and safely practice in-person with you soon!




Friday, September 3, 2021

MMTCA September Newsletter 2021


The late Grandmaster, Gin Foon Mark, my Southern Praying Mantis teacher, Como Park, 2011.

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.”

-Maya Angelou

The weather has been perfect for outside practice these last few weeks. I hope to keep classes outside into October. The year I moved here, 1984, we had class outside into November! I have a few options for indoor classes, and will keep you posted. Covid19 is still a factor and I do want to provide safe and healthy environments while training. Patience is still key!

A hearty THANK YOU to my subs and guest instructors! I am able to travel and teach outside of Minnesota with your help.

My Northern 7-Star Praying Mantis teacher, the late Sifu Lo Man-biu, second row, far right.

Speaking of travel, I’m going to Delaware for the month of October. I’ll be working with Sifu Bryan Davis and Twin Willows Tai-Chi the first half of the month, and Sifu Diane Cannon and Ming Tao Tai-Chi the second half. My classes in Minnesota will continue as before.

Book suggestion=Secrets of the Karambit by David Seiwart


While I was in Colorado, I got to meet up with my long time student Mike Sauter, and his son Kai. Mike is one of the few to earn a teaching certificate from me in Northern Praying Mantis and Shao-lin. Mike is a full-contact fighting champion, as well as forms and weapons. We worked on a few ideas and concepts, then I tested Kai’s stance work, which was excellent. As always happens when martial artists get together to train, the time flew by!

As of September 1st, I’m no longer teaching beginner classes. I have five students who are more than qualified to bring people on to the Tai-Chi path. Call or text any of the following for new classes and start times:

Julie Cisler, Minneapolis, 612-876-7915

John Stitely, St Paul, 651-328-7777

John Feely, Stillwater, 651-323-8714

Mike Cain, Rochester,

Wanda Koehler, Northfield, 612-209-5752


September 9th marks my one year anniversary on Patreon! My page has been such a great addition to my teaching, and helped me navigate the pandemic. I’ve been able to reach people beyond Minnesota, reconnect with old friends, and share many forms, practices, and lessons. As I learn even more about the page and the various services, I plan to expand my teachings. I have a few forms to finish posting, then I’ll start posting pushing-hands drills, methods, etudes, and applications. If you haven’t joined my page please do! If you’ve been my patron for this past year, I am truly grateful.


While you’re online, also check out my YouTube page, Ray Hayward the Inspired Teacher. You’ll find many historical and instructional videos there.


Questions, comments, ideas, feel free to text me at 218-341-9894

My teacher, Dr Leung Kay-chi turns 83 on Sept 4th, Happy Birthday!


Wishing you a happy and gorgeous Autumnal Season!

With a bow,


“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”

-Sydney J. Harris


Here is a message from Julie Cisler

It’s been great to work with many of you in the park again. But shorter days and cooler temps are coming. Mindful Motion Tai-Chi Academy needs a new home!  


Our old space in the Ivy Arts building was spacious, but too large for our current needs. We’re looking to re-open in a slightly smaller space.  


I am currently looking for a new home for Mindful Motion Tai-Chi Academy. We haven’t found a permanent space yet, but I’m excited to be able to find a new home for our school.  


Thanks to several helpful tips from classmates and teaching contacts, I’ve found a few good sublet options, with wood floors, plenty of space, and ample parking. We plan to have indoor classes available by October 1. 


Our new schedule will include beginner-level classes taught by me, and classes for Sifu Ray’s students. I will also continue to offer classes for my long-term students. Expect email updates with our new schedule, COVID guidelines, and location(s) in about 2 weeks. 


I look forward to seeing you again!