Monday, July 30, 2018

MMTCA Newsletter August 2018

“You are created whole, there is nothing missing in you, and any unworthiness stems from conditioning and a mistaken identity.”
-Robert Holden

State Fair, Renaissance Festival, Irish Fair, vacations, it must be August! I will be away from the 7th to the 19th. Classes will be covered by my awesome crew of tutors: Julie, Rondi, Fred, and Margo.

Our schedule stays the same until Sept 15th, when the Fall schedule begins with new classes and openings.

Grad News;

San-Shou= Kurt Swanson

String of Pearls, the book I conceived, compiled, edited, and published about the 10th Anniversary of the Twin Cities Tai-Chi Ch'uan Studio's first decade as a non-profit, full-time Tai-Chi school, has been reissued and is available on my Lulu page. Please buy, read, enjoy, learn, suggest to friends, and write me a nice review! Also, if you bought Lessons with Master Liang, please review it on my Lulu page.

Book suggestion- Tai-Chi in a Chair by Cynthia Quarta 

I hope you are enjoying the great weather and getting some outside practice.

“When you know the point of balance
you can settle the details;
When you can settle the details
you can stop running around;
When you can stop running around
your mind will become quiet;
When your mind becomes quiet
you can think in front of the Tiger's smile;
When you can think in front of the Tiger's smile
then surely you will succeed.”

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