Monday, August 10, 2015

At the Abode of the Monkey King

 "People have trouble claiming their abundance."
-Randy Gage

I have been blessed to reconnect with my friend, brother, classmate, teacher, and mentor, Master Paul Gallagher. We never lost touch in our respective moves, but we had not seen each other face to face in years.

Something amazing has been happening alchemically over the last two years visiting Paul in Asheville. I have prospered.

Let me back up a bit.

I have learned various arts and sciences from Master Paul, including Tai-Chi, Pa-Kua, Qi-Gong, meditation, Taoism, Chinese Medicine, as well as classical music, dietetics, and a whole host of life skills.

We have discussed our mutual teacher, Master T.T. Liang, at great length and depth, and compared his teachings from two perspectives and eras. We also shared our other teachers. Paul told me about studying Zen with Philip Kapleau, Tai-Chi with Sophia Delza, Pa-Kua with B.P. Chan, and Qi-Gong with Kwan Sai-hung, all accomplished masters and teachers.

So I am quite comfortable to discuss and learn just about anything the Monkey King is willing to share with me, like prosperity.

Here is one of Paul's definitions of  prosperity;

"One facet of prosperity is not being worried about money."

I have been worried about money, living from paycheck to paycheck, and having terrible financial habits, for my whole life. Master Paul talked to me frankly and got across the idea that money is "a divine energy to be celebrated and circulated." I never received financial education in school or at home. All this was new to me.

I was introduced to the teachings of Jay Abraham, Jim Rohn, Randy Gage, and Robert Kiyosaki. My cup runneth over!

But beyond money, Paul showed me that I am, and have been, extremely prosperous in my martial arts, spiritual seeking, and many other aspects of life. He showed how being spiritually connected, healthy, having a passionate pursuit, a loving relationship, a way to "give back," and a purpose to your life are all aspects of prosperity, of prospering in your life.

In one year my life changed and the financial, professional, and artistic parts of my life came together in harmony.

Of course, my lessons went beyond discussion and stories. I received three books from Master Paul, two by mail, and one from his hand. It was like every other esoteric adventure I've been on. Out of nowhere, the master, subject, and study materials appear front and center. Here are the three books in the order I was given them to read:

1 The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie As Told to Napoleon Hill

2 The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

3 Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

I can say these books, with insights and clarity from Paul, changed my life. Or should I say fulfilled my life. I was doing pretty good, except for the money thing!

I continue to consult with Master Gao and get his ideas and insights on all aspects of prosperity and life. And I'm not alone. I am encouraging him to share his teachings in a study or home course that many people can benefit from, not just me. What do you think?