Tuesday, December 28, 2021

MMTCA January Newsletter 2022

3rd Generation Master Yang Cheng-fu,
Turn and Chop with Fist

"Ask yourself in the morning, are you happy, strong, and healthy? Are you going for your dream? Are you learning how to make full usage of your mind so the spirit is able to grow and your soul is able to shine like the sun?"

-Wim Hof

Happy New Year! The above quote is my wish for you and yours for 2022. Health on all levels, strength of body, mind, and spirit, and happiness to balance out the slings and arrows life throws at all of us!

A big thank you to my substitute teachers who covered my classes during my December retreat in Colorado! Fred and Julie are amazing and I bow from the waist to them both!

Saturday, February 5th I plan on holding a Chinese New Year celebration. In-person and zoom demos, a banquet, and a modified altar ceremony will round out our celebration. I'll have final details sent out to you in a few weeks. All depends on a certain virus...

Beginning January 5th, I'll be teaching the 150 Posture Long Form on Zoom. One to three postures per week, with sectional reviews, and applications, will all be available. Simply email me and I'll put you on the invite list.

The schedule will remain the same, but with these additions. Tuesday nights will go from two hours to three hours, 6-9PM. Friday night will go from 90 minutes to two hours, 6-8PM. Any questions about curriculum and locations please message me or Julie.

Master Tian Sou-lin,
 teacher of Chen Yen-ling and Shi Da-miao

To answer some questions about private classes. I am able to do them, I just need two weeks lead to schedule them  and reserve a space. They are 75 dollars for an hour. Email or message me.

Book suggestion= Mating In Captivity by Esther Perel 


Thank you Wanda for guiding me through the world of timer and gong phone apps!

Check out my three main pages, Patreon, YouTube, and my Blog. The muse was with me in Colorado and there are many posts, videos, blogs, and lessons on the way!

Here is a list and contact info for teachers teaching and accepting new students in Minnesota. I endorse them all.

Julie Cisler- juliecisler13@hotmail.com

John Stitely- johnstitely@gmail.com

Wanda Koehler- wandajk51@gmail.com

Martin Ebelhardt- mebelhardt@me.com

Mike and Kim Cain- mike.kim.cain@charter.net

John Feely-jpfeely1@gmail.com

Our own Paul Ittner spent time in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa. Here is the note he sent with accompanying photos, so beautiful! (And nice kick!)

"Hi Sifu. I am enjoying quality family time in Mozambique. Africa is truly getting into my heart. The contrast of the poverty and beauty is stark and I am trying to assimilate it all. Tai chi practice is the wonderful equalizer!!! I will be home on the 30th, hopefully, and look forward to seeing you, and class time. "

"Judge not the day (or year) by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Thank you for an awesome 2021! Pandemic aside, I'm extremely happy with the progress I've seen from so many. I'm looking forward to 2022, and the Tiger year, with hope, gratitude, and awe. Won't you join me?


"Money talks, wealth whispers, and true wealth is silent. It's the same with power."

-Shaman Wendy Mandy

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Friday, December 17, 2021

Tai-Chi practice and music


Studying with Master T.T. Liang, we did the 150 Posture Long Form to music. Actually trying to stay on the beat. We also practiced with a metronome, which is excellent for beginners who are trying to coordinate their whole body as one unit. 

One time my classmate Bob Klanderud, took an extra cassette player to Master Liang's house in St. Cloud, and asked him to count along with the music as Bob did the form. The rest is history! (Ask me for a copy and I'll email it you!)

When I practice now, I play background music to block outside, and inside, noises. I am working on updating the music for my Long Form, but that is the subject of another blog. For now, here are three links to music I listen to, enjoy!




Many Sundays I stayed at Wu Ming Valley House, and Deer Mountain Taoist Academy, learning and practicing with Master Paul Gallagher. We practiced Tai-Chi, pushing-hands, san-shou, weapons, Pa-Kua and many kinds of qi-gong and meditation. When we ended our practice, Paul would put on classical music, either a record, or the radio, and make breakfast. More like brunch!

My Sunday routine is to listen to classical music during warm-ups, standing, qi-gong, and single postures. I then do "one round to the music." I've been doing this for years, if not decades, to honor my teachers. Here is one soundtrack I listen too regularly, and watch the movie yearly. If you haven't seen Immortal Beloved, you are in for a treat!