Friday, December 17, 2021

Tai-Chi practice and music


Studying with Master T.T. Liang, we did the 150 Posture Long Form to music. Actually trying to stay on the beat. We also practiced with a metronome, which is excellent for beginners who are trying to coordinate their whole body as one unit. 

One time my classmate Bob Klanderud, took an extra cassette player to Master Liang's house in St. Cloud, and asked him to count along with the music as Bob did the form. The rest is history! (Ask me for a copy and I'll email it you!)

When I practice now, I play background music to block outside, and inside, noises. I am working on updating the music for my Long Form, but that is the subject of another blog. For now, here are three links to music I listen to, enjoy!

Many Sundays I stayed at Wu Ming Valley House, and Deer Mountain Taoist Academy, learning and practicing with Master Paul Gallagher. We practiced Tai-Chi, pushing-hands, san-shou, weapons, Pa-Kua and many kinds of qi-gong and meditation. When we ended our practice, Paul would put on classical music, either a record, or the radio, and make breakfast. More like brunch!

My Sunday routine is to listen to classical music during warm-ups, standing, qi-gong, and single postures. I then do "one round to the music." I've been doing this for years, if not decades, to honor my teachers. Here is one soundtrack I listen too regularly, and watch the movie yearly. If you haven't seen Immortal Beloved, you are in for a treat!


  1. Talk about the best. I've had the best two teachers during my 26+ years as a Taiji player, Masters Ray Hayward and Paul Gallagher. I am eternally grateful for all the wisdom and direction they have given me. I would not be the same person without them. Thanks guys.