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MMTCA November Newsletter 2023


Master Liang's Praying Mantis teacher, Fan Shudong, seated. Fan taught Liang at his high school, kung-fu being the PE!

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

-Albert Einstein


November already? Where have I been? What have I been doing? Taiji of course! Although we’ve moved indoors, classes are still amazing and fun. The dance studio is a great indoor space, and I invite you to attend class.


Tuesday 6-8PM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Sanshou, solo and two-person Taiji Cane, Bagua

Wednesday zoom 630-730PM Solo Form Review and Taiji Qigong

Thursday 6-8PM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Sanshou, solo and two-person Taiji Cane, Xingyi

Saturday 900-1030AM at St Sahag, Solo Form, Advanced Pushing Hands Drills, solo and two-person Taiji Cane

Beginners class are Saturdays 11-12 at St Sahag,

Monday November 11th 630-730 Monthly zoom Pushing Hands- Wang’s Dalu


We’ll be closed Thursday, November 23rd. There will be zoom class on the 22nd, and in person classes on the 25th.


I taught a seminar and classes in Delaware last month at Twin Willows Taiji Studio. Plans are in place for a retreat next June. The venue is reserved, people have paid deposits, and there are only two spaces left. I’ll post more info and the curriculum next month.


My pushing hands book is getting closer to the finish line! I’ve got great help in all the different processes like editing, photos, and layout. Here is an excerpt from the introduction.


“To be perfectly clear, we must know what we are training for. Are we training for health, stress relief, and well-being? Are we training for fighting and competition, or self-defense? Are we training for meditation and spiritual growth? Or a combination, or all the above? These different components of Taiji: health, self-defense, philosophy, and meditation, have different training methods and mindsets.

For instance, for fighting and competition, you know when it is going to happen, when you’re going to get into the ring. Mental attitude and training are just as important as your physical training and conditioning. For self-defense, you don’t know when an attack will come, and you will have no rational response. This is where your instincts take over. You react to how you train. For self-defense you fight with reaction. For competition you fight with skill and mindset.

You are probably not going to get attacked by a ninja, ever! I think it's safe to say no one will be swinging a Kwan Do or 9-section chain whip at you in your everyday life. You will be attacked daily with stress, worry, fear, other people’s attitudes and energy, and all kinds of perceived threats. To stay relaxed, grounded, healthy, and happy throughout your day, and life, takes embracing the lessons of Taiji and applying them directly to your inner and outer world. To not get mad, stressed, or tense as your knee jerk reaction takes time and consistent training to change your temperament.”


I was watching the final episode of the final season of Mad Men. The lead character was on retreat and doing yoga and Taiji. I thought the Taiji looked good, and familiar. Then during sitting meditation, as the camera panned the group, there was my beloved disciple, Micah Lopez! Micah was the Taiji teacher for the cast and had a non-speaking role as a retreat participant! I jumped out of my seat screaming “It’s Micah!” Wow, I’m just so proud!


Micah with Don Draper

Paul Brennan Translation- Chen Yanling’s Sanshou


Thank you to my subs who filled in for me while I was out East. Julie, Karen, Paul I, John S, a bow from the waist!


Book suggestion= Mastery by Robert Greene


My student Martin Ebelhardt is opening an Egoscue practice in the cities. Here is a write up and contact info.

Healing Movement LLC

Whether you are suffering with chronic pain and muscle tightness, recovering from an injury, surgery, want to improve athletic performance or are just interested in improving how you feel, move, and look, Healing-Movement” can help. 

Healing-Movement is client-centered therapy practice that synthesizes concepts and methods from a variety of somatic and human movement approaches. Marty Ebelhardt developed the practice in order to teach clients how to use their bodies more effectively in order to overcome posture and movement patterns that result in chronic pain, muscle tightness, and limited mobility.  

The method differs from many other therapy approaches in that it empowers the individual client by giving them tools to work with in order to learn to gain mastery over their own body. Each client brings innate knowledge and experiences about their own bodies, which are an essential part of the process. In that way, the therapy is a team effort.

The process begins with a postural assessment, and functional testing in order to identify dysfunctional movement patterns, then proceeds with the teaching of exercises, self-massage, and mobility practices in order to restore function through engagement of the nervous system in re-patterning posture and movement.

Sessions proceed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis based on the client’s needs, until the client feels they have met their goals.  

For more information or to schedule a session you can reach Marty at

or call 612-760-9935.


Thank you all for your continued support, appreciation, and assistance, in this amazing art, Taiji Quan!

-Sifu Ray


“The need for certainty is the greatest disease the mind faces.”

-Robert Greene

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