Monday, December 4, 2023

MMTCA December Newsletter 2023

Taiwan Taiji Association, early 1960s. You can find Prof Cheng, M Liang, RW Smith, Wm Chen and many others!

“When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world.”



Merry Hanaramayulekwanzmas! I love this dark time of the year filled with so many celebrations of Light! Take time to look inward and see your own incredible light.


Classes will continue as usual this month, including the beginner class on Saturday, until Thursday, Dec 21, my last official class of the year. We’ll be closed from Dec 22nd to Jan 5th. Classes resume January 6th, 2024, and we’ll have a few changes to our curriculum and schedule. One change is that I will continue the beginner class but will move it to 10:30-11:30 AM.

Some of the forms and practices I’ve got planned for next year are to continue Sanshou, advanced pushing hands drills and Willow #3, teach Xingyi Sword and do a Xingyi weapons review, continue solo and two-person Taiji Cane, continue Yin Fu 8 Palms, and maybe a visit from the Fast Form…


Huang Yuanxiu and Tian Shoulin

I scheduled one open practice for Thursday, Dec 28th from 6-8PM. Bring your canes and weapons, and practice Sanshou to your heart’s content! Margo will be there to open and close, and to practice!


I’m planning on a one-day, in house retreat, at St Sahag, to get together, practice, discuss, and to grab some food. I’ll get a date to you in the next newsletter.


Wu Yinghua, double sword.

Speaking of retreats, Twin Willows Tai Chi Studio is planning a retreat in June of 2024 and I’m the instructor. I’ll have more details next month. Consider driving with me and a few people from Minnesota who are going!


Starting January 6th, 2024, I’ll be offering a beginner Taiji class from 10:30-11:30 on Saturdays at St Sahag. If you know people who are interested in starting Taiji, let them know. The cost is 50 dollars a month.


Prof Zheng Manqing

Book suggestion- The Tai Chi Cane by Sifu Bob


Starting in January next year, I’ll be resuming the monthly check-in on zoom. Like last year, we’ll meet, talk about our training, ask questions, and discuss all things Taiji. Let me know if you are interested and how you can sign up.


Speaking of monthly zoom, the monthly zoom pushing hands class will be Monday, Dec 18th. We’ll continue with Wang’s Dalu, and some new ideas for the Pull drill.


Wang Yennian, right, one of M Liang's teachers in Taiwan.

As of this writing, I’m at 976 subscribers to my YouTube channel. At 1000, I get many more benefits including being paid by the advertisers. As I grow my channel, I can also make private groups and classes too. If you are a subscriber, thank you so much! If you are not, please subscribe, it costs you nothing but a click! Spread the word and help me out!


FYI I’m looking at one of the last Saturdays in February of 2024 to celebrate Chinese New Year, the Wood Dragon! I’ll have a date for you next month.


Paul Brennan Translation- Answering Questions About Taiji by Chen Weiming

School shirts, long Ts, and hoodies-

Thank you so much for one of the best years of my life! My practices, classes, filming, teaching, writing, and learning were all at another level. I will write a year end blog and flesh out some of this, but for now, thank you all! Bow from the waist, to the floor…

-Sifu Ray


“Humans follow Earth,

Earth follows Heaven,

Heaven follows the Tao,

Tao follows Nature.”

-Taoist proverb


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Possibly the last photo of Yang Shaohou, seated with cap.


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