Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alban Arthan, the "Light of Arthur"

In the Old World, in the Old Religion, it was common for a person to become a God or a Goddess, and for a God or Goddess to become a person. Divine attributes became Earthly powers and Earthly powers became Divine attributes. In the Old World, the Gods needed people as much as the people needed the Gods. At this time of year, and during this Yule-tide season, I’d like to talk briefly about two deities, Epona and Arthur.

Epona is the horse goddess. Known throughout the Celtic world, her center of worship was Gaul. She was also worshipped by the Romans and December 18th is her festival and feast day. She is called Rhiannon in Britain, and her name is known now as the root of the word “pony.” She was venerated by all connected to horses, like cavalry, grooms, farriers, etc and her likeness was found in stables. She can be evoked by all who need help to reach their destination, both physical and spiritual. Hanging a horseshoe over a door was to invoke protection from Epona and to be lucky by her visiting.

 The King Arthur we know now is a later manifestation of an older Celtic warrior king who became a God. His sister Morgan, and wife Guinevere, are both aspects of the Goddess. Arthur wields the divine sword of truth, Excaliber. He has all the attributes and abilities of a person who walks between the worlds. Indeed, he did not die but is alive in Avalon, having sailed on Solomon’s barge, waiting to come back to save Britain from her darkest future peril. December 21/22, the Winter Solstice is called Alban Arthan, the light of Arthur. It is also called Yule which is from Old Norse meaning “wheel,” and gives us the Old English word “jolly.”  The Winter Solstice shows the great turning of the wheel of the year. Arthur is the Mabon, the child of light, full of hope and potential, and he is the Og, the king of light, who achieves great deeds for the people. Arthur is in Tir na n’Og, the land of perpetual youth, and he is the perpetual youth. Invoke King Arthur when you need guidance, protection, strength, and courage, especially during times of great darkness, or the absences of the light!

Be safe at this time of year, both during travel and when encountering so many people. Blessed Yule!