Sunday, September 11, 2016

Quick Schedule and Update

 Mindful Motion Tai-Chi Academy
2637 27th Ave South
 Suite 207, 2nd floor,
 Ivy Arts BLDG, MPLS.

Group Class Schedule beginning Sept. 19th, 2016


Class Block A
6:00-7:30 PM

(Note= the BLDG door is locked at 7:00PM on weeknights, someone will be posted to let you in)

Pushing Hands


Class Block B


Class Block C
6:00-7:30 PM


Saturday  (Beginning in October)

Forms Review and Practice

(Note= the BLDG door is unlocked at 10:00 AM)


Class descriptions

Tai-Chi classes are for beginners and all Solo Form students. Classes include Taoist Warm-ups, Standing Meditation, Qi-Gong, Single Tai-Chi movement training, and the famous Tai-Chi Solo Form. Theory, principles, training ideas, and much more will be included in these classes. Ideal for new students to get started! Join these on-going classes anytime.

Pushing-Hands class is for those who have finished the Solo Form and want to explore the partner aspects and training of the Tai-Chi system. Yielding, controlling, Long and Short power as well as Basic Drills, Methods, Ta-Lu, and many various training methods will be taught and explored. Completion of Solo Form is the prerequisite.

San-Shou is the Two Person Tai-Chi Form from the Yang Family. This form teaches applications for the Solo Form, Pushing Hands theory and principles, Lines, Sticking, and a whole host of skills. Prerequisite is completion of the Solo Form.

Forms Review and Practice is a time where we will be reviewing and practicing many different Tai-Chi forms and weapons. Come and practice the forms you have learned, left and right sides!! Also a chance to practice and review various two person forms.

Hsing-Yi is an Internal Martial Art based on the Five Elements. This class includes the five fists and their applications, the Five Element Linking Form, Chase Hands, and the Hsing-Yi Kwan Do. Join anytime.

Pa-Kua is an Internal Martial Art based on the 8 Trigrams. Standing Meditation, Circle walking, Two Person Pa-Kua form, Chase Hands, and the Swimming Dragon form are included in this class. Join anytime.

Monthly Tuition:

Any two class blocks = $100
Three class blocks = $125
Four class blocks = $150

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