Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Schedule

Beginning January 2017, we will have a new and expanded schedule. In addition to the current classes, I will be adding some Sword classes and some Intro Tai-Chi classes as well. I also have two dates for you:

January 14th-  Poetry Slam and Contest
 February 4th- Chinese New Year Demo and Celebration

If you have any questions about the schedule or classes, or class suggestions, please give me you ideas and feedback.

Class descriptions

Intro to Tai-Chi. This is an 8 week course designed to introduce the concepts and principles of Tai-Chi, namely alignment, relaxation, breath, and mindfulness, as well as whole body movement. This class is perfect for those who want to “try out” Tai-Chi, or those who want a general preparation before moving on to on-going classes. Class includes Taoist Warm-ups, Standing Mindfulness, Qi-Gong/breath-work, single postures and an intro to the Tai-Chi Form.

Tai-Chi classes are for beginners and all Solo Form students. Classes include Taoist Warm-ups, Standing Meditation, Qi-Gong, Single Tai-Chi movement training, and the famous Tai-Chi Solo Form. Theory, principles, training ideas, and much more will be included in these classes. Ideal for new students to get started! Join these on-going classes anytime.

Pushing-Hands class is for those who have finished the Solo Form and want to explore the partner aspects and training of the Tai-Chi system. Yielding, controlling, Long and Short power as well as Basic Drills, Methods, Ta-Lu, and many various training methods will be taught and explored. Completion of Solo Form is the prerequisite.

San-Shou is the Two Person Tai-Chi Form from the Yang Family. This form teaches applications for the Solo Form, Pushing Hands theory and principles, Lines, Sticking, and a whole host of skills. Prerequisite is completion of the Solo Form.

Forms Review and Practice is a time where we will be reviewing and practicing many different Tai-Chi forms and weapons. Come and practice the forms you have learned, left and right sides!! Also a chance to practice and review various two person forms.

Hsing-Yi is an Internal Martial Art based on the Five Elements. This class includes the Sam-Tai/San-T'i Standing meditation, Five Fists and their applications, the Five Element Linking Form, Chase Hands, and the Hsing-Yi Kwan Do. Join anytime.

Pa-Kua is an Internal Martial Art based on the 8 Trigrams. Standing Meditation, Circle walking, Two Person Pa-Kua form, Bridge-Hands, and the 64 Original Mother Palms form are included in this class. Join anytime.

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