Monday, May 29, 2017

MMTCA Newsletter June 2017

“Humans are a small universe.”
-Master Wai-lun Choi

Glorious June! The longest day and the shortest night fall at Mid-Summer's!

Our June/Summer schedule begins June 3rd. I have some fun classes planned including a Martial Arts Sampler class with training, techniques, conditioning, and partner work from 7 Styles! Here are the new classes:

*Monday 6-7PM 1st Section Applications ( join anytime)
1-3 Applications or Practical Uses for each posture

*Monday 7-8PM Weapons Review
Starting with Tai-Chi Sword, we will run through sword, sabre, fan, cane, double sabre, spear, and whatever other forms you know!

*Tuesday 630-730 Martial Arts Sampler ( join anytime)
Lama- 6 punch Combination
Southern Praying Mantis-4 blocks,4 strikes, and 2 Sticky-hand sets
Tai-Chi- Double Sabre Drills and Single Sabre two person techniques
Northern Praying Mantis- Grabbing and Trapping, Kicking combinations, 8 Elbows
Liu Ho Pa Fa- Dragon, Lun, and Pang from the 12 Animals
Shao-Lin- Staff Basics
Pa-Kua- 4 Palm techniques, 4 Chin-na techniques, and 4 basic grab escapes
(You will need a pair of Arnis sticks, a 6 foot staff, and a 5 to 15 pound dumbbell)

*Wednesday 730-830 Intro to Pa-Kua Chang ( join anytime)
Standing Meditation
Stationary Chase-Hands
Circle Walk
Single and Double Palms
Two Person Sensitivity
8 Inner (Chi-Kung) Palms

*Friday 530-730 Tai-Chi
Starting in June, all members of MMTCA can attend Julie's class on Friday as part of their tuition.

If you have any questions about classes or the schedule, feel free to ask or e-mail. All suggestions for the Fall session welcome.

Website news! Our website is up and running! Although most is under construction, the website group is helping me get phase one done which will include videos of the warm-ups, Standing, Golden Roosters, and the 1st Section. Thank you Julie, Volkan, Margo, Matt, Keith, Spencer, and Adam. Here is the address:

Book Suggestion- Tai Chi Therapy: The Science of Metarobics by Pete Gryffin

Tai-Chi North July 29th and 30th
Let me know if you are planning on meeting me for practice, hiking, eating, and celebrating my 40th year in Tai-Chi. Here is my schedule so far:

730-900AM Practice on Park Point
Breakfast at Sarah's Table
Drive/Carpool North to Hike Carleton Peak
Dinner TBA

730-900 Practice at Enger Tower
Breakfast at Duluth Grill
Hike Lester Creek and Chester Bowl in Duluth
Lunch TBA

I wish you all the best Summer ever! I will be teaching as well as taking time off. We will be closed Tuesday, July 4th. Otherwise the schedule is current and correct.


“We are able to program the cells to do a lot more than we think.”
-Wim Hof

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