Friday, June 15, 2018

MMTCA July Newsletter 2018

 "Life progresses in small steps."
-Kristina Lund

Summer is officially here! At least we don't have to scrape humidity! Tuesday night classes outside have been magical, feel free to join us.

The Summer Schedule (July and August) starts Monday July 2nd. I'm taking the Monday night classes off and only teaching the Monday day classes. Wednesday night will be three, one hour classes:
 Tai-Chi 600-700
Pa-Kua 700-800
Men's Pushing-Hands 800-900
Saturday is the same except I'm taking the 1230 Solo Form off for the Summer, and it will resume in September. I have requests for a book club, kung-fu movie night, and meditation class, and will put that into the schedule in the Fall. I'm open to class requests so request away! I'm sending out the complete schedule in your e-mail and on the Facebook Page.

We will be closed Wednesday July 4th for Independence Day.

I will be sharing our space with Patrick Scully, former manager and artistic director of Patrick's Cabaret. Patrick will be holding classes in Modern Dance and Contact Improvisation, as well as use the space for occasional performances. We are working together to get the most use out of the time and space. I am also hoping to have a Yoga teacher join us as well. I will keep you posted.

A huge thank you and great debt of gratitude to Julie Cisler, Sharon Nyberg, David Brewster, and Dan Polsfuss for all their masterful help in the many projects I have going on. Without them I would be in over my head in books, photos, movies, and 12 really crazy animals!

Grad News:
Wu-Dang Combined Sword Fencing-
John Stitely
Rondi Atkin
Wanda Koeler
Julie Cisler
Margo Bock
Ralph Jerndahl
Mike Anson
Fred Sparks

String of Pearls, the book I conceived, compiled, edited, and published about the 10th Anniversary of the Twin Cities Tai-Chi Ch'uan Studio's first decade as a non-profit, full-time Tai-Chi school, will be reissued and available on my Lulu page August 1st. Please buy, read, enjoy, learn, suggest to friends,and write me a nice review!

Enjoy the heat and take it easy when you practice.

Thank you,

"Train in the dog days of Summer, and the coldest days of Winter."
-Tai-Chi Proverb

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