Monday, January 4, 2021

MMTCA January Newsletter 2021

 "Life is the space between our things."

-Francine Jay  

Happy New Year! I hope this newsletter finds you and yours healthy, happy, and safe. Let's hope for all good things for the upcoming year.

Chinese New Year in February 12th this year, year of the Metal Ox. As of this writing, I'm not planning any demo, banquet, or ceremony, you know why. This will be the first time I don't publicly celebrate in over 30 years! I will miss you all! Maybe we can do a zoom banquet somehow? Here is some info and a link about the Ox Year:

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox is very hardworking and methodical. 2021 is going to be a year when work will get rewarded, and those zodiac signs who are lucky in terms of money this year will be the ones that will make a considerable effort.

The Metal Ox year is also great for making order in the family life. After all, if the family life is peaceful, everything gets solved! Thus, 2021 is a year when all the problems get solved with discipline. A lot of discipline! Obviously, with an extra effort from us in organizing our time.

I got some upgrades to my filming equipment and have many lessons planned out for you. If you are not getting the videos, blogs, etc. let me know. You can see many videos on our YouTube channel, my personal YouTube Channel, our website, our Facebook Page, and in your emails.

Book suggestion= Zheng Manqing's Uncollected Writings trans by Douglas Wile

Thank you for your tuition and support, both through the mail and my Patreon page. I appreciate all the gifts and remembrances for the holidays!

I keep saying it, Covid19 will end, or be less dangerous, sooner or later. When it's safe for us to meet in person again, I will get us a space and I promise....lots of partner work!! Check out Julie Cisler's zoom classes and keep and eye on my blog.

A bow form the waist,


"We forget we are spiritual beings."

-Priestess Andarta

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