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Scarcity Mindset, Semen Retention, and having “Good Faith.”


“A Scarcity Mindset is when you believe there are limited resources, so if someone else has something, you feel there is less of that resource available for you.”

-Tabitha Kirkland


I have been learning, practicing, and teaching semen retention for over forty years. Most of my teaching has been done privately, in person, with one or two students. Now with my blog, and various social platforms, I’m reaching a wider audience. I’m getting feedback, comments, gratitude, and questions, which encourage the need for, and importance of, this vital knowledge.


There is a teaching from the Tao of Love that has benefited me not only in love, but in all aspects of my life. It’s called ‘Good Faith.” To better understand the concept of good faith, we need to explore its opposite: scarcity mindset. Kind of like the Taoist glass half-full/half-empty!


“Scarcity Mentality measures out life in ounces: it always concludes that the need outweighs the resources.”

-Erin Straza


Learning about prosperity from the late Paul Gallagher, he first introduced me to the concept that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. The idea that there is a finite amount of money, or customers, or resources leads one to look and act in the world from a scarcity mindset. Paul introduced me to the teachings of Napoleon Hill.

Hill stressed that nature always gives more than needed, such as in more seeds than can become plants, or thousands of fish eggs that get eaten before they can become fully developed. Nature is full of abundance and shows it every day. Basically, we are given more than what we could ever want or need. Scarcity comes from fear, greed, or even a childhood of deprivation and want. Hill’s teachings included “going the extra mile,” and “doing more than you are paid for,” which show his understanding of nature and his faith in abundance.


” People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything in terms of win-lose. There is only so much: and if someone else has it, that means there will be less for me. The principle-centered we become, the more we develop an abundance mentality, the more genuinely happy for the success, well-being, achievements, recognition, and good fortune of other people. We believe their success adds to…rather than detracts from…our lives.”

-Steven Covey

For many years in my career as a Tai-Chi instructor, I suffered from the scarcity mindset. I believed there were only so many people who could benefit from this art, or who were interested in learning it. I would try to hold on to every inquirer who came through the door. Or try to steal other teacher’s students. Or outright tell people they could only learn the real art from me. I tried everything to hold on to as many students as I could get. Sounds pathetic and desperate! I was.

"Being a warrior means that you are not hungry and desperate, like the poor bastard that thinks he will never eat again and devours all the food he can."

-Don Juan Matus

Gradually, as I saw Tai-Chi grow in popularity, increase in the public eye, and become mainstream, I had lots of people coming to learn. Nature showed me Her abundance. I also grew in maturity as a teacher and devoted myself to the art, not self-promotion, or the size of my classes. When people left for other teachers, arts, or styles, I let them go with sincere good wishes for their learning and growth. My philosophy developed into thinking that if I’m not the teacher for you, or Tai-Chi is not the art for you, or my school was too far away, that I did not want you to be in my classes. This led me to not only an abundance, but a deeper quality, of students and seekers.


” Abundance and lack are always both present, and we get the one we focus on.”

-Myron Golden


I see abundance in everything now. I’m not concerned with natural resources running out. I don’t believe there is a shortage of students, or food, or money, or anything really. Except maybe a sense of humor! So now I have come to semen retention and the crucial idea of having faith in the abundance of the Tao.

“To rise when desirous and to rest when not, this is ‘good faith.’ ”

-The Classic of Su Nu


To practice semen retention and gain all its benefits and wonders, you have to have an abundance mentality. The above quote is talking about erections. To have an erection, not ejaculate, and rest or soften after, requires faith in the method and concept. Let’s look at some common scarcity ideas as concerning sex.

This may be my last erection.

This may be my last ejaculation.

This may be my last lover.

This may be my last opportunity for sex.

This may be my last time making love with my spouse.

This may be the last person on earth!

If these statements were true, then you would “go for the gold” and” get all you could” and “stay with them til your seas are dried up.”  (Thank you, Eric Clapton!)  A man who practices the Tao and has faith and experience in semen retention knows this is not the last of any of those. Unless of course his time is up, or something drastic happens. He knows he will have other erections, love-making sessions, etc. 

He can have faith in this and not ejaculate out of desperation. He can end his loving with a thoroughly loved partner, while still possessing a full erection. He can then meditate and circulate the energy, use breathing or a cold shower, or simply use time to let it subside. Or he could begin another session of intimacy. Retaining his vital essence for his health, spiritual advancement, or a future round of lovemaking, this is good faith!


” Those who have an abundance mindset are far more likely to be happy with their lives and to achieve their goals than those who have a scarcity mindset.”

 -Mike Cernovich


I hope this helps you with not only your Taoist practices, but your daily lives. There is so much you had, you have, and will have. There is no shortage, only the perception of shortage. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to me. Until then, keep the faith!

Suggested reading:

25 Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

The Book of Druidry by Ross Nichols

Art of the Bedchamber by Douglas Wile

 “To economists, everything revolves around scarcity - after all, even the biggest spenders can't buy everything. However, the perception of scarcity is not ubiquitous. An empty schedule feels different than a jam-packed workday. And that's not some harmless little feeling. Scarcity impinges on your mind. People behave differently when they perceive a thing to be scarce.

What that thing is doesn't much matter; whether it's too little time, money, friendship, food - it all contributes to experience a "scarcity mentality". And this has benefits. People who experience a sense of scarcity are good at managing their short-term problems. Poor people have an incredible ability - in the short term - to make ends meet, the same way that overworked CEOs can power through to close a deal.

Despite all this, the drawbacks of a "scarcity mentality" are greater than the benefits. Scarcity narrows your focus to your immediate lack, to the meeting that's starting in five minutes or the bills that need to be paid tomorrow. The long-term perspective goes out of the window. "Scarcity consumes you", Shafir explains. "You're less able to focus on other things that are also important to you.

There's a key distinction though between people with busy lives and those living in poverty: You can't take a break from poverty.” 

- Rutger Bregman 

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