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Roll Back: Half the Mastery of Pushing Hands


Roll-Back: Half the Mastery of Pushing-Hands


“It is my opinion that when one has mastered the techniques of Roll-Back/ Lu and Receiving Energy/Chieh-Chin, one has already acquired the art of Tai-Chi and reached the highest level.”

-Master T.T. Liang


Meaning of the character “Lu:”

 roll back, pull back, roll away, in and away.


1.       Mechanics

A.      Height

B.      Box

C.       Vertical Arm

D.      Shift and Turn

E.       Open/Closed Sides

F.       Elbow to Elbow (Earth)

G.      Single Weighting


2.       Control

A.      The Secret

B.      The Spear


3.       Ward-Off and Rooting

A.      Save/help yourself.

B.      T’i-Fang, Fall Up and Push Over


4.       Five Options for a Push

A.      Roll-Back

B.      Split

C.       Withdraw and Push

D.      Upward Ward-Off

E.       Brush Knee

F.       “Unyielding”


5.       Ta-Lu equals “Big Roll-Back”

A.      Yang and Wang

B.      Cheng’s Ta-lu


6.       Interpreting Energy (Tung-Chin)

A.      Slow and Fast

B.      Long and Short

C.       High and Low

D.      Real and Fake

E.       Internal and External


7.       After Roll-Back

A. Yield Means Attack

B. Prof Cheng’s Four Options

C. Na or Seize

D.  Research what follows.



8.       Theories and Principles

A.      In and Away

B.      Open the Door, let the Robber in.

C.       Chapter 11 Tao Te Ching

D.      4 Ounces to deflect 1000 Pounds.

E.       Early and Late, to know before the action.

F.       Roll-Back and Split, one quarter of Tai-Chi technique devoted to defense.


9.       Bonus!

A.      Chan/Choi Hsing-Yi lesson





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