Monday, April 15, 2013

Chasing Ice

"Winter is Coming."
-Game of Thrones

Here in Minnesota we are having the winter and spring that can't define itself. Snow and rain, warm and cold, blue skies and overcast. I just saw the movie "Chasing Ice." This documentary, using cameras and time, bleakly documents the rapid thawing and disappearance of the glaciers. It just makes me think that there's so much evidence before us, which has nothing to do with politics or opinions and yet there are so many that deny that the climate is not changing. I just question my own priorities, do I value nature and the world and what I actually experience and know every time I go out the door? Do I take the word of scientists to be the absolute truth? Or those of political news pundit's? Computer models and weather reporters seem to make a lot more mistakes now than when I was a kid. The person I went to the movie with softly wept through many parts of it. I weep also....

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