Monday, April 29, 2013

Take a Walk...

“Everyone has two good doctors, their right leg and their left leg.”

Walking five miles burns as many calories as running five miles. It just takes longer, but walking is easier on the joints. Walking with an upright posture, smooth, steady steps, and being aligned with gravity can make walking a pleasure. Coordinate your breath with your steps and you have a simple qi-gong. Take a walking stick and get used to walking with it. The stick not only measures your steps but gives feedback to changes in grade and such. And it can give you a feeling of confidence and self protection.Really a walking stick is not to lean on, but it acts as a measuring tool so we can adjust our walking to the ever changing levels and terrain. With a little practice, it becomes effortless to use a stick, and it’s a great way to touch your surroundings both near and far. Walking with friends can be such a delight and out in a park or the woods, Mother Nature will heal you as well.

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