Thursday, May 2, 2013

Global stress

We can know about so many things globally today. We do need to know what is going on with our fellow earthlings, but we also need to know that we cannot fix the whole world, or feed everyone or stop every threat or change very much. Yet we let all that information occupy our minds and turn our energy on, causing stress. “Think globally, act locally” is a great concept provided we don’t take the stress of the world on ourselves.  We are rarely given good, wholesome stories from abroad yet hours of pain and misery and fear are broadcast to us daily. And we take it in through our eyes and ears directly to our hearts and minds. No filter. How many times and at what great numbers will we be subjected to death and destruction? What number of killings or deaths will make us truly fight, or flight? None yet, so we freeze. And yet stress goes to work even when we seem to do nothing or seem to not be affected by the horrors the media uses to get our attention. How many people stop dead in there tracks to hear a story about a fuzzy little bunny? But gore, betrayal, terror, and gossip will make us stop and give our deepest focus.

Meditation can help us train the filter to our deepest self. It can also help us balance our feelings and counteract the stress of all the work our minds do, both intentionally and unintentionally. Meditation helps us make a place of peace in our innermost self. There are so many types and methods of meditation. The best one, the one I can recommend the most, and the one that is the most effective, is the one YOU like and practice regularly. Like daily. Like everyday daily. The method that brings you to the calm, contemplative state where your conscious mind can go on stand-by and your spirit can recharge or soar or play.