Monday, April 28, 2014

World Tai-Chi Day Demonstration at Carleton College 2014

What a great day doing guerrilla demos and  sharing Tai-Chi with people at the Weitz Center with demonstrations of Tai- Chi solo form, Tai-Chi sword, Two-Person Dance, Tai-Chi Fan, and Pa-Kua Chang. My Carelton Rec class demoed the first section of the Short Form and they looked relaxed and comfortable, as well as being in sync! Veterans Tim, Lynn, Jane, Margo, and Dan added many levels and facets to one of my best demos ever! Thank you all! Thank you to Jane for the great idea of a moving demo and Renee for organizing as well as leading with Judy and Chris.

 Tai-Chi Movements

Tai-Chi Sword

Tai-Chi Two-Person Dance

Ta-Chi Fan

Pa-Kua Chang

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