Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Remembering Suzanne green River

I attended the funeral today of local Shaman, Dancer, Somatics instructor, Teacher extraordinaire, Suzanne River. I met Suzanne when she and her husband Don came to my studio for Tai-Chi lessons. I realized right away that I was not teaching her, but confirming and collaborating with her! Suzanne invited me to teach at her studio in Chisago MN.

Her memorial service and internment was one of deep feelings of love, appreciation, and unadulterated, raw, POWER! I saw her body in the grave ( a green burial) but her energy was at the top of the grave site in the amazing people attending.

Here is one of her poems from the program. Enjoy, and above all, learn!

"Take good care of yourself.
The Earth knows your care and love.
How do we grieve and rage and
Smile and think in every moment?
How to be with All That Is?
By being All We Are!
I bless All you are
With All I am---forever
So much love and gratitude-


Namaste Suzanne!!

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