Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Secret Qi-Gong Teacher

Everything I need to know about relaxing my face and upper body, and the secret of the "smile," I learned from my secret teacher. The unknown Qi-Gong Master. The enlightened being who guides and teaches by example.Who am I talking about? The Mona Lisa of course!

Head= suspended from above by an invisible thread
Forehead=wide and smooth
Eyebrows=lowered and separate
Eyelids=lowered slightly
Eyes=looking inward and outward
Mouth=closed, with a small smile in the corners
Neck=-straight and relaxed
Chest=relaxed and hollow
Spine=straight not stiff
Hands=beautiful" lady's hands" of Prof Cheng

The secret of the smile? As Master Choi teaches, if you put a small smile in the corners of your mouth, that will relax your nostrils and let you get more breath in your nose.

Of course my personal Mona Lisa was Master T.T. Liang!

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