Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Disciple's Initiation 2016

Friday, November 11th was a special day for me. It marked the 28th anniversary of my passing through a formal ceremony to become a disciple of Master T.T. Liang. That was one of the best days of my life, and confirmed my vocation and life-mission.

11/11/2016 was also special to me, and four students, who passed through a formal ceremony to become 7th generation Tai-Chi disciples. Using a combination of the Confucian ceremony that Master Liang used, the elaborate Shao-Lin ceremony Master Mark used, and with insights and information from many teachers, I performed the ceremony to initiated four, long-time, dedicated students.

Julie Cisler

Frederick Sparks

Karen Barton

Daniel Polsfuss

I am so proud of these accomplished practitioners. It is an honor to teach, train, and practice with such dedicated people. They inspire me and my practice.

With four ceremonial witness' and over twenty family and friends, a milestone was reached, and a rite of passage performed. Gifts and congratulations followed,and after signing the disciple banner,a small group went to Keegen's for food and fellowship.

My personal mission is to preserve and pass on the important traditions within the art of Tai-Chi, while keeping my heart and mind open to innovations and evolution from the many generations that have passed this amazing art to the present. I seek to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary learning and teaching methods.

"Take what is good, disguard what is bad."
-Master T.T. Liang

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