Friday, February 17, 2017

Upcoming Events at Mindful Motion Tai-Chi Academy

March 18th- One Day In-house Retreat 9AM to 2PM

Tune in, turn off your phone, turn on your heart-mind, and immerse yourself in a day of Tai-Chi practice and insights, stretching, breath work, as well as breakout sessions including:

Gems and Chakras with Mary Jo Feeley
Movies and videos of Master T.T. Liang and others with Dan Polsfuss
Understanding the Function of the Shoulder Girdle for your Tai-Chi Practice with Jane Shockley

Tea and coffee will be available. I am negotiating a catered Chinese food lunch and will post the cost when I get it. Or you can brown-bag it! Sign up will be posted at the Academy.

Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi seminars April 22 & 23

A weekend with Master Choi! Come and experience the teaching, humor, power, insights, and mastery of my Sifu! Sign up at the Academy.

Saturday 9-11 Hsing-Yi
Corrections, applications, and training tips for the Five Fists, the Five Element Linking Form (Um Hang Lin Wan Kuen), and Kwan Do applications.

Saturday 1-3 Introduction to the Main Form of Liu Ho Pa Fa
Come and begin the study of the Main Form, an amazing catalogue of technique, movement, and posture, with the current Grandmaster of Six Harmony Eight Methods style!

Saturday Night Banquet with Master Choi.

Sunday 9-11 Pa-Kua
Corrections, applications, and training tips for the first two palms from the 64 Mother Palms Form.
( Original Form )

Sunday 1-3 Tai-Chi Pushing-Hands
Master Choi will be teaching his three methods, which he calls "chase-hands." This will be an excellent introduction to two person sensitivity from the hands of an expert!

30 dollars a session, or all four for 100 dollars. I have two hours of private time available. Talk to me if you are interested.

July 29 & 30 Tai-Chi North Retreat

Join me in Duluth for a weekend of practice, hiking, eating together, and celebrating my 40th year of Tai-Chi. Details and sign up to come.


  1. Hello Sifu Ray,
    Forgive me, however, do you mean Saturday 4/21 and Sunday 4/22?
    Thanks, I look forward to meeting you and catching up with Master Choi.
    Best Wishes,
    Jay DiMaggio

  2. Hi Sifu Ray,
    I'm sorry, I just realized this was last year's posting.