Tuesday, March 5, 2019

MMTCA March Newsletter 2019


"Explore life without fear. That is greatness."
-Wim Hof

Happy March! Lion or lamb, or just lions? Hopefully no more cancelations, but if there is anymore extreme weather, check Facebook or the website, or look for an e-mail for a cancelation notice. Our class schedule stays the same through May.

Congratulations on an excellent demonstration and celebration for Chinese New Year! The forms and demos looked great! Group and solo performances, Tai-Chi both slow and fast, various weapons, fencing, Karambit, Main Form, Shao-Lin Spear and lots more were presented for the audience's pleasure, and education. The banquet was delicious! Salt and Pepper Squid....YUM! Thank you for your performances, attendance, and for all the red envelopes.

Inquiring minds want to know. I have moved to Duluth! I am helping Jane with some family care. I will continue to teach in the Twin Cities and Northfield as I have, and have a few classes lined up for Duluth. I have more classes planned for the Academy and will make sure we have outside classes this Summer. I also want to invite you up here for some retreats, getaways, and the most amazing practice places and hiking.

Speaking of moving, amazing helpers got our stuff loaded and ready for the trip north, in the snow! What's a little snow? Thank you so much to: John /Tetris, Fred/Manager, Julie/ Sub, Michelle, John S, James, Chris G, Rondi, Spencer and Elliott, Kurt, Paul I, Matt C, Margo, You saved my back!!!

Book Suggestion: The Xingyi Quan of the Chinese Army by Dennis Rovere

The plans for Master Choi's 80th birthday are underway! If you would like to be involved, or contribute, please talk to me at the Academy or send me an e-mail.

Keep warm and remember, EMPTY STEPS!


"The problem with mass delusion is that, by definition, only the heretics know when we are living through one."
-Michael Fontaine

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