Friday, May 24, 2019

MMTCA Newsletter June 2019

"To be old is to have less time before you and more mistakes behind."

Happy Mid-Summers on June 22nd! The shortest night and longest day happen this month.

A "Headstone Unveiling Ceremony" (the last act of burial in the Jewish faith) will be held at the grave of our beloved classmate Marty Kleinbaum on Sunday, June 2nd, beginning at 11:00AM at the Gemelus Chesed Cemetery, 7032 Penn Ave, Richfield.

Our Summer schedule is basically the same, with Tuesday nights and Saturday Morning held outside at East River Flats Park on the Mississippi River beginning Saturday June 22nd..

Tuesday 6-7 Solo Form, 12 Animals, and Hsing Yi
               7-8 Disciple's Practice
Saturday 10-11 Cane, Sword, Sabre, and weapons review
                11-12 Solo Form, and Fast Form

Grad News:

Hsing-Yi 7 Halberds Strung Like Pearls= Steve Peterson

Pa-Kua Swimming Dragon (learned and re-learned)= Margo Bock, Fred Sparks, John Stitley, Paul Dahlberg, Matt Barrett, Dave Kielkof, Steve Peterson, Jenny Graves, Conor Hatch

Hsing-Yi Five Fists/Elements (learned and re-learned)= Paul Ittner, John Feely, Bryan Steenerson, Margo Bock, Fred Sparks, John Stitley, Paul Dahlberg, Matt Barrett, Dave Kielkof, Jane Shockley, Steve Peterson, Conor Hatch, Wanda Koehler

The 12 Animals and Hsing-Yi class Tuesdays 7-8PM, will be covering the Tiger and the 5 Element Linking Form in June.

Book Suggestion- The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

I will have final information about staying in our space sometime this month. As it looks now, we will have our beautiful space for another year at least!

Get outside and breathe in that clean, clear Minnesota air!

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."
- Earl Nightingale

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