Friday, June 28, 2019

MMTCA July Newsletter 2019

"A life-affirming golden consciousness attracts gold in your life, invites heaven to shine down upon you, and produces an environment of wisdom and power. That, in a nutshell, is the alchemy of our lives."
-Dennis William Hauck

July is upon us! It's been great training and practicing outside with class on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Come join us!

Beginning July 1st, I have a new partner who will be sharing our space, Lindsay Forsythe. Lindsay is a Contact Improvisational dancer and will be using our space for her class and training.

I'll be taking some vacation time in August. Classes will be held as usual with subs to cover class.

Book suggestions from class discussions, using Taoist and Masonic numerology of three, five, and seven:

3 Pa-Kua books;

Pa-Kua Chinese Boxing for Fitness and Self-Defense by Robert W. Smith
Liang Zhen Pu Eight Diagram Palm by Li Zi Ming
BAGUAZHANG LIANXI FA Baguazhang Practice Method by Jiang Rungqiao trans by Joseph Crandall
* BONUS!! Pa kua Chang Newsletter/Journals, the best Martial Arts periodical I've ever read!

5 Hsing-Yi books;

Hsing-I Chinese Mind-Body Boxing by Robert W. Smith
XINGYI MU QUAN Xingyi Mother FistsMother Fists by Jiang Rungqiao trans by Joseph Crandall
Xing-Yi Nei-Gong trans by Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell
Shang Yun-Xiang Style Xingyiquan by Li Wen-Bin
The Xingyi Quan of the Chinese Army by Dennis Rovere

7 Tai-Chi books;

Tai-Chi Chuan for Health and Self-Defense, Principles and Practice by Master T.T.Liang
Cheng Tzu's 13 Treatises on Tai-Chi Chuan trans by Benjamin Lo
Yang Family Secret Transmission by Douglas Wile
Tai-Chi Chuan and Meditation by Da Liu
On Tai-Chi Chuan by T.Y. Pang
Fundamentals of Tai-Chi Chuan by Wen-shan Huang
The Tao of Tai-Chi Chuan by Jou Tsung-hwa

Big Brother Paul Gallagher turned 75 on June 28th. Halfway to the middle level of Immortality!

Enjoy the Summer,

"Why is it often hard for us to choose joy, even in moments when there are no painful circumstances in our lives?"

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