Saturday, April 3, 2021

Two Shameless Endorsements and Plugs!


On 4/4/2021, my friend Rob Jones launches his website Greenman-Gifts. Rob creates works of art, both functional and decorative. Custom orders and standard inventory include:



Carved Stones

Viking Benches

Casting Sets for Runes and Ogham

Etched Glassware

Drinking Horns



Knife/Ax Targets and Stands

Altar Cloths

And So Much More!

Go to Rob's website tomorrow and see all the great art and craft he has to offer!

Last month I went on a two day retreat at Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield Wisconsin. Run by my friends Heidi and Martin, I spent my time relaxing, hiking, meditating, and enjoying the quiet and scenery. The Center is across from the Apostle Islands and on Lake Superior. I had the option to order food prepared there, but chose to semi-fast and brought my own food and snacks.

I made full use of the sauna and reserved it both days I was there. Rain showers, where the water comes straight down from the ceiling, were new to me. I also hiked along the lake on a trail that took me to downtown Bayfield, which was pretty, quiet, and cozy.

The Grand Opening is 400:PM on July 22nd. You can contact them for openings and availability before then. I highly recommend it! Who knows, maybe a Tai-Chi retreat there in the future...

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