Sunday, January 30, 2022

MMTCA February Newsletter 2022


“To move freely you must be deeply rooted. “

-Bella Lewitzky, dancer


Happy New Year of the Tiger! (On February 1st) Gong Hay Fat Choy! Wishing you great happiness and prosperity! The Water Tiger looks to be a little less aggressive and explosive than the other elemental Tiger years! We can sure use the break!


We will be hosting a zoom Chinese New Year demonstration Saturday, February 5th 12:00-1:30. Live demos and recorded demos will be hosted by Julie Cisler. You will be receiving an invite in your email. I have no banquet planned for this year because of the pandemic, but I invite you to join me at the Black Forest at 5:30 for a meal. Hopefully next year we can return to our usual amazing CNY celebration.

 Book suggestion= Small Circle Jiu Jitsu by Wally Jay


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Also please help me reach my next goal of having 64 patrons on my Patreon page!


Thank you for all your support these last few trying and challenging years!


Speaking of thanks, I’d like to thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication through this pandemic. I’m humbled by the hard work you are putting in and the classes you continue to attend, be it in person or on zoom. I am still excited to share this art with you, and the insights and clarity I gain from my daily practices. From what I’m hearing from many of you, Tai-Chi has been a life saver from the stress and worry. For me too! Thank you all, may the Tiger year give you amazing health, wealth, blessings, and happiness! And a ton of laughs!

Happy New Year!

-Sifu Ray


“The Huni Kui believed that the most powerful force coming from any live being was its breath, and that words emanating from the breath were a creative force.”

-Manual Cordova-Rios

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