Friday, June 3, 2022

Visiting JVB


Joanne Von Blon is my first disciple and one of my first students from when I moved to Minnesota. She not only learned from me, but she is a black belt under the late Sensei Robert Fusaro. Joanne learned Yang style Tai-Chi from Jonah Friedman, and Wu style from Dr Wen Zee. She has taken seminars with Master T.T. Liang and Grandmaster Wai0lun Choi. She also taught Tai-Chi for many years both as an assistant and as an instructor.

May 27th a group of us went to have lunch and catch up with our 98 year old classmate. Joanne was funny, quick witted, and a delight to spend time with. Julie, Fred, Rondi, and I had a great afternoon reminicing and updating. We have another visit being planned and will keep you posted.

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