Sunday, December 6, 2015

My top 5 books on Druids and Druidry

I get asked a lot about Druidry. I have an elevator speech about being in harmony with nature and loving trees. Pretty simple for a quick, very quick, chat  .For more in depth conversation, we need to pause the elevator, or you could read my top five picks for Druid books. Here they are;

Of the many great books dealing with the history of the Druids, I love this one as my #5

For info on many spiritual aspects of Druids, I love this one for my #4;

For an excellent comparison and contrast between modern Druidry and Wicca, and their likeness' and differences (and one of the clearest explanations of magic), I suggest this for #3;

The next book is pure magic for me. Sometimes I just pick it up and read wherever I open it. This book gives me the feeling of doing the course-work in OBOD. My pick for #2 is;

 And for my first choice. This book gives me chills when I read it. I get the feeling of being an ancient and modern Druid, in tune with my environment now , then, and forever. The story, with its insights, experiences, and teachings go far beyond the pages. It's one of those spiritual quest/journey books, but without a heavy agenda or dogma. Every time I read it, I get new messages and ideas, and the inspiration to walk out in nature!

Here is my #1, and if you just want one book on Druidry, this very well could be it.

Merry Christmas, or as it was known for eons, Blessed YULE!!!!!

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  1. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for.
    John R Moore