Monday, February 28, 2022

MMTCA Newsletter 2022


"I know many forms, I only need one."

-Master Tan

Happy March! March on! March 4th/forth! March madness! Mad as a March Hare! I'm ready for March if you can tell...

The above quote about forms is a great teaching. Indeed, a good form can be used and mined for many treasures of healing and martial arts. I would say, I know many forms, but I only need three. No wait, can I make it four? A solo form, a solo weapon, a two-person form, and a two-person weapon.

I will be teaching two seminars in Delaware at the end of March and the beginning of April. I will be at Simu Diane Cannon's Ming Tao Tai-Chi on Saturday March 26th for a one day Workshop. I will be at Sifu Bryan Davis' Twin Willows Tai-Chi April 1, 2, and 3 for a three day seminar. I will leave their contact information below and if you're interested either in attending or seeing if there is a possible zoom option you can contact them directly.

I'm giving a shameless plug here for Wild Rice Retreat Center in Bayfield,Wisconsin. I've been able to get away, recharge and refresh myself there a few times this past year. If you want to get out of the cities, get away from it all, eat good food and hike nice trails, and end with a sauna, check out the contact information below.

Don't let the title fool you, this month's book suggestion has much more to do with communication than it has with Freemasonry.

Book suggestion= A Practical Handbook to Masonic Communication by R. Jones.

We still continue to hold in person classes Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday in addition to our Wednesday zoom class. Julie is also offering in person and zoom classes. If you have any questions about these classes or other classes around the Twin Cities feel free to reach out and contact me.

February was an amazing month for my online presence! I reached my goal of 64 patrons and ended February with 71 patrons! I have over 450 YouTube subscribers and I'm on my way to my spring goal of 500 subscribers. If you know anyone who is interested in my teaching, my books, and my arts, please suggest to them to join my pages. And don't forget to read my blog! Did I tell you I'm now on Twitter? I am! Look for Ray Hayward 1988, follow me, retweet, and I will follow you. Thank you all!

I don't want to jinx the good news that's coming out, but it seems that a certain little pesky virus may be running out of steam. I know I'm not alone with all this virus fatigue. I truly hope to be back face-to-face with all of you, wrist to wrist and sword to sword, practicing this amazing art. Stay safe, stay hopeful, and have you noticed the light is growing stronger! Thank you all for your support and appreciation. I'm sending you a big gratitude attitude!

I bow to the floor to you,

-Sifu Ray

"Stress is responsible for an extremely high percentage of illness in the modern world. Relaxation and inner ease have become so unfamiliar to us that when we are not "doing" anything we feel restless and bored."

-Diana Richardson

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