Monday, March 16, 2020

Embrace Uncertainty

With all the information, and lack of it, here are two excerpts for you to ponder. The first is from an article I wrote about meeting Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm at the East Coast OBOD Druid gathering a few years back. The 2nd is from a Taoist writing called The Travels of Ming Liao-tse;

#1 One experience resonated with me. In a group discussion, many people admitted that they
were afraid of the future and the uncertainty of many things and that they were
experiencing a general fear. Instead of candy coating his response, Philip said, “Yes. You
can think of what is coming as five trains going to crash. What can you do about it? We
want to be certain, but it is the uncertainty of which one will crash and what the effect
will be that is causing deep feelings and worries.” He added, “Certainty is not a principle
we work with. Certainty is the cause of a lot of problems for people. Let go of certainty.
Embrace uncertainty.”

#2"If one of us falls ill, we stop to attend to the illness, and the other tries to beg a little for some medicine, but they take it calmly themselves. They look within themselves and are not afraid of death. And so a severe illness is changed into a light illness, and a light illness is immediately cured. If it is willed that our days are numbered, then there are journey ends. But if we escape it, then we go on as before."

Be safe my friends. Stay calm, breathe deep, and keep moving. Distractions give well needed rest. All will be different in another moon cycle. Please reply and let me know you are doing well in body, mind, and spirit.

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